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Meditation: The journey to the divine flame

Spiritual life is the realisation of unity. And when you meditate, you rise above the tendency of separatism and enter into unity.

To meditate is to renounce the “fragments” and enter into communion with the whole! To meditate is to navigate.

Each day is thou a navigator, and each day discover a new region of the light within thy soul. The infinite universe is within thee!

In the beginning, you will not experience the joy of meditation. Irksome will be your task: but persevere! Abhyasa (practice) is a rule of spiritual life. Sit in silence and pray on! Do not falter, do not faint! Keep waiting as a sentry at his gate of mercy! Keep on praying, “O lord of life and light and love! When shall I cease to be mine? When shall I be wholly thine? When wilt thou open to this mendicant at thy door the kingdom that is within me, the kingdom that is thou, the kingdom of the holy spirit?”

There are three main stages in meditation: you feel; you hear, you see.

“God’s love trembles in your heart: with it you do arati to him: you offer him his own!”

You feel a contact with the Guru, the master: you feel his presence: you feel that he fills you!

Gradually you hear a sound, a note of music: it comes from a point between the eyebrows or it emanates from the centre of the heart. The heart is referred to as buddhi. It awakens when you leave the manas (mind-centre) far behind. As you listen to the sound you shed tears! It is a blessed experience. Tears are a sign that the master has touched you.

At last, you see the sat-guru: you see the master in the lotus of the heart. The vision comes, at first, as though it were an occasional glimpse. Then the vision grows, and the vision lasts longer until, at last, the vision is merged in the walking life.

Meditation is then blended with your actions all day and your consciousness and sub-consciousness all night!

This seeing is illumination. The buddhi wakes up and you live in atmabodhu (realisation of the atman).

Then your heart trembles: and as a flame is reflected in a drop of water, so is the divine flame reflected in your heart. God’s love trembles in your heart: with it you do arati to him: you offer him his own!

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