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Meeting the secret God

To meet the secret God is to see the world of knowledge from a new height. There is today, among young men the curiosity to know. But true knowledge is progress from wonder to wonder.

In an ancient Celtic story, we read of a God who out of curiosity, looked in at the window of a house where sorcerers were preparing a magic potion. And out of it, from the cauldron, rose a poisonous smoke which reached the God’s eye and made it deadly for those on whom it would look.

Such a deadly eye is the knowledge born of mere curiosity, is the knowledge that works without devotion to humanity, without worship of the ideal. The knowledge that makes us humble moves in a world of wonder. It is the knowledge that sees the immaterial—the Infinite—in the material, recognising an intense source of energy in the nucleus of an atom and growing in perception that the very structure of “solid” atoms is not material but a shakti, energy which takes material forms. Such knowledge becomes a vision of the wonder of the world.

What can one man do? You save a few hundred from famine and sickness and distress; what about the millions of India? You save a few in your city or province. What about the great mass of peasants and labourers in the country?

God has surrendered himself to us, leaving it to us to enthrone Him as the King of our civilisation or banish him as the great exile.

What can one man do? With this experience comes a feeling of self-surrender to another than ourselves, a shakti a spirit without whom we feel forlorn, poor and weak. Meeting the secret God, we realise a new dignity of human life. We realise our kinship with Shakespeare and Shelley, with Shankara and Kant, with Krishna and Christ. For we become instruments of a shakti, a creative force, that is flowing down from God to this earth-plane.

Is it a mistake to attribute humility to God himself? The Infinite has entered the bonds of matter. The highest has taken the lowest place. And the bonds of God in the kingdom of man are even greater. God has surrendered himself to us, leaving it to us to enthrone Him as the King of our civilisation or banish him as the great exile.

Nietzsche’s “superman” is an embodiment of aggressive power, exploiting others in the interests of a pseudo-aristocratic ideal. The true “superman” is the great man who serves God with a humble heart. The true superman is humble, not aggressive. The true superman is a child for whom to be cut off from God is to live in a dark unknown, in a night without a star. One message of India’s great ones—the true supermen of India that was truly great—find your wisdom, your strength, your true greatness in him.

That message I fain would ask young men to keep in their hearts. In that message is our hope in the coming days. For it means that we are not alone in the struggle. It means that, though we stumble and suffer, there is a promise of victory. It means that, in spite of many wounds and many scars, we belong to a great army. It means that God is our captain on the field. It means that failure is heroic and suffering beautiful.

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