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New dimensions and time: Nothing is real


Let’s talk about time. Time is so relative and time makes its presence felt only when there is change. How do we reckon time? Yesterday, the plant had grown this much. Today, it has grown a little more.

If nothing grew, if there was no change, there would be no time. See how relative the concept of time is?

Suppose I am talking to you. It’s a long-winding talk and very boring for you to listen to. You would wonder, how long it’s going on. You’d say: My God! This man is talking for hours. I wish he would shut up.

But, suppose it’s very interesting and we’re fully absorbed in what’s being said, then the 30-minute talk or a 20-minute talk would appear to you to have been very short. Oh! It is finished, you would exclaim.

Oh God! That was interesting. So what really is time? Forget the time by your watch because that is merely a way of reckoning.

Time is very relative. It depends on the mind. A little mosquito that lives for perhaps a day or two. In this short little period—which we call a day or two—he eats, he drinks, he lays eggs, multiplies, and reproduces. So for the mosquito, it must be a complete lifetime. Long life. For us, it is a short life of a day. Who is right? The mosquito or you? Both are right and both are wrong, which means relatively right and absolutely wrong.

So, from these studies, it is clear to us what Vedanta means, when it says that ‘nothing is real’. It means, ‘nothing is as it appears to be’. It is not that it does not exist. Of course, everything exists. But it exists as projected to us by the mind.

But, it really may not be that. It means we don’t know what it really is. We only know, what we think it is.

Physics and astronomy have begun to talk of multiple dimensions. The string theory of matter, for instance, talks about multiple dimensions.

That is called the theory of Maya. Now, how can we really find out, the true attributes of something? What it really is? For that, one has to exit the limited dimensions that we all know of.

We live in a three-dimensional world of length, breadth and height or depth. There might be other dimensions. Let us say, the fourth dimension or the fifth dimension because the entire universe, according to Sankhya, is a multi-dimensional existence.

Till some time ago, I would have sounded foolish to suggest that there are dimensions other than the three dimensions that we know of. But now, science has begun to talk of it. Physics and astronomy have begun to talk of multiple dimensions. The string theory of matter, for instance, talks about multiple dimensions.

And, the ancient yogis and the rishis, who went deep into the levels of consciousness, also penetrated different levels of energy and different levels of matter and came out with the knowledge that there are multiple dimensions.


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