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Small acts of kindness

Everyone has their own priorities in life. While it is important to attend to our needs and fulfill our duties, it is essential that we also take time to observe human beings and other animals around us. It often happens that souls around us are undergoing pain and suffering, and it goes unnoticed by us, simply because we fail to pay attention.

I cannot forget June 1, 2011. While taking bath for Amritvela at about 3:30 a.m., I heard something fall into the bucket of water. Since it was dark, owing to the power cut, I brought a torch and saw that a small rat had fallen into the half-filled bucket. Howsoever hard it tried, it could not come out. Certainly, its life was in danger. I thought for a while, took the rat into a mug, put it into a plastic sack, and threw it away out of the home. The whole day I felt contented and happy that I had saved a life.

A few days later I came across a similar situation where I found a small animal, a puppy this time, fighting for its life. I was going to the BK centre for my Murli class when on the way I saw a small dog, stricken by some vehicle, badly wounded, by the roadside. It could not move but it was not dead. May be some help could save its life. But I was getting late for my Murli class.

However, I thought that saving a life should get priority over attending a class. I parked my bike, took out a bottle of water, and dropped a few drops on its mouth. The water had a good effect. I dropped more water and when I felt that it might regain consciousness, I left for my class.

I had built a deep water tank in the backyard of my house which was a good shelter for frogs in the rainy season and winter.

On my way back, I again stopped but found that the dog had grown feebler. This time even the freshwater drops seemed to have no impact. In the evening, while going for my evening class, I found the place clean. Perhaps, the dog had been taken to some doctor. I kept guessing and felt that some good soul might have successfully tried to save a life.

I had built a deep water tank in the backyard of my house which was a good shelter for frogs in the rainy season and winter. But in summer the water would dry up. One summer a frog had fallen into the tank and could not come out. After some thought, I put a long bamboo stick and placed it in the tank vertically. After about two hours I saw the frog had escaped its almost-sure death.

A few days later, I found a small cat in the tank which could not come out even with the bamboo stick. Determined as I was, this time I thought of a ladder, which was placed in the tank. The cat proved to be quite intelligent to use the ladder and escape her doom. In this way, I have found many opportunities of helping small and helpless animals in distress and saving them from their impending tragedy.

Good deeds are never wasted in the eyes of God. Nothing can slip and escape His vigilant eyes. Deeds of such kind do not go unnoticed and unrewarded. He, who comes to the help of others, is helped in his need. Has it not been rightly said; as you sow, so shall you reap.


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