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Spiritual civilisation

Astronomical studies show that the universe is so incredibly vast, and expanding at such a rapid rate that, even with the use of the most powerful telescopes, its total dimensions have yet to be accurately estimated. In this immeasurably vast universe, our earth is infinitesimally smaller than a grain of sand.

Throughout the universe, our earth is a very rare exception, in that it is the only place where exceptional things such as water, vegetation, an atmosphere of air and oxygen are present. If life can prevail on this earth, it is because of the impeccable life support systems that are functioning on it. On earth, there exist all those valuable elements by utilising which man can, if he wills, build a civilisation. It is and has been the task of humanity to convert this potential into reality.

It is quite evident that civilisation, passing continuously from one stage of its history to another, is moving on from its initial state of development to progressive higher levels altogether. The evolution of history makes it clear that human civilisation is continuously advancing along the path of progress and development. The result of such focused progress and sustainable development will be that which could be called a ‘Spiritual Civilisation’ or ‘Paradise’.

The history of civilisation shows that it has passed through three major phases, and now all the indications suggest that it is in the fourth and final stage of its journey. The three major phases of civilisation are: The Stone Age, the Agricultural Age, and the Industrial Age. It is a matter of common knowledge that these phases of civilisation have already taken place.

The fourth phase of civilisation—that is, the spiritual one—is yet to reach realisation, but it is in this phase that the ideal world (in religious terms, Paradise) will most probably take shape. The present transitional period is a condition which may be called ‘Paradise-in-the-making’.

Paradise is the final period of the journey of civilisation. Such a world by the law of nature will definitely come into existence in due course. Therein, all types of limitations and disadvantages will be brought to an end; there will be no fear or grief, nor will there be any hurt or pain. All those potentialities which have been apparent to man from the very first day will be fulfilled in the world of Paradise.

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