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Language On The Astral Plane

The language of the astral world

While on earth, let us learn the language of the astral world. I know of a little boy who took great pains to learn the Spanish language. When asked the reason, he said: “My father has a big business concern in Spain, and when I am sixteen, I shall have to go there to help my father. Therefore, I am learning the Spanish language.”

Every one of us has to go to the astral world. Therefore, let us learn the language of the astral world. It is the language of love, pure passionless, selfless love.

In every thought in every word, in every deed, let us express the pure unselfish love of our heart. To love is to serve, to love is to give, to love is to go out of your way to bring comfort to another, to love is to sacrifice everything for the sake of those that suffer and are in pain.

The noblest of men are those who serve, who live for others, whose lives are an oblation to God at the altar of suffering creation. It is only when we serve that we become God-like. For God ever serveth.

God has blessed you that you may be a blessing to others. He blesses you a second time. Give out the best you have, in God’s name, for the good of others. Lend your helping hand to everyone who needs it. Be ready to serve at any cost those who require your service.


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