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The temple of light

It is difficult to forget the day we spent with him, last year: it was sacred to us as his birthday. We had a worship in the ashram gardens at 4 am. There, as we sat spellbound in the beauty of dawn and the silence of nature, he spoke a few words to which we listened as we would to a lyrical song.

The Rishi said: You ask me to speak to you this day. The deepest is never spoken. What is worship? That which is never clothed in words. What is religion? That which transcends all speech. Would you commune with God? Knock, continue to knock at the door of the mystery! The dawn and the sunrise, Krishna and Christ, the benedictions of the Buddha and the aspirations of all the saints are silent. They send out vibrations which you receive as song and music.

To worship is to touch the mystery which reveals to you an infinity in which man is but a grain of sand: and all religions and all prophets are seen as linked together in the one love of God. The true temple excludeth none—not the harijan, the sweeper, not my brother, the bhangi. The true church calleth no man a “heathen” but sees the Krishna and the Christ of love in every soul.

The true mosque is built in the hearts of the seekers, the seers, and the saints.

The true mosque never doth oppress a human being. The true mosque is built not with bricks or stones. The true mosque is built in the hearts of the seekers, the seers, and the saints. So beware, ye who confound religion with creeds! Hidden is God—within you, in the divine abyss, depths of the waiting soul.

He is the Light that shineth in every human heart. He is the Kingdom of Heaven. None is an isolated individual. There is no sin but has its roots in separation. Long have men sat in the darkness of isolation without seeing the Light which makes them all one in God. Religion transforms in silence the individual, recreates him afresh and draws him out of solitude into fellowship with the one God in all!

So doth self die in the soul of man. And when self, “ego”, aham, dies, the eternal God awakes! So doth the individual awake to act with the energies which are immortal. So doth he realises that his hands are not his nor his feet his, but God’s instruments to do good. And he doeth good who blesses the poor and lowly, and who sees that his eyes are not his but God’s through which He looks with compassion on the world. To worship is to realise that the heart hath its home in God!


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