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Thoughts will change the world

Thoughts will change the world

Probably, we don’t assign the required importance to the thoughts we generate. We feel that they are not visible to anyone. Many people opine that even if they think negative about someone, it doesn’t really harm them. But is it really so? Actually, man is a creation of his own thoughts. As he thinks, so he becomes. Therefore, one must ponder deeply on what to think and how to think.

We must know how our thoughts impact us and others around us. How often when talking to someone, we feel a disconnection between what the person is saying and what his true intentions are? What causes this disconnection? Do we really communicate with people orally only? Do we also communicate through our feelings and thoughts? The things that really matter are mostly unspoken.

How is it that even when we mostly consider ourselves to be this physical body, we are still able to catch subtle vibrations? And what do we trust more—the words or the feelings? Let’s think about it for a moment. Though thoughts don’t have a gross form, these generate feelings, and the feelings affect our state—our physical and non-physical being. A thought never dies; it travels in the whole universe and comes back to us after getting multiplied many times.

The saying goes, ‘As you think, so shall you become’. As per Hindu scriptures “Brahma created the world by thought”. Then, what should we think? How to know what is negative, positive, or wasteful thought? When my thoughts are driven by the consciousness that I am a physical body, they automatically revolve around the physical possessions, relations, and attainments, but none of these things are going to last forever.

These are all accessories of the drama. Just as the actors are given a set of costumes and situations to support their roles, these are provided by the drama. As soon as my role in this body is over, I leave all these physical possessions and fly out of the body, to take on the next role. I might be assigning a lot of value to these physical and material things and people who are in my contact, but all this ceases to have any meaning for me, the soul, as soon as I leave this body.

The thoughts, words or actions, created under the influence of the vices—lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego—create a negative account for me.

Compare this to being driven by the consciousness of being a soul, an imperishable, incognito, immortal point of light, sitting in the middle of the forehead and ruling this body. My true nature is peace, love, happiness, and purity. I remember that I the soul have earlier taken many bodies, I can never die and I have nothing to lose. All the physical possessions are part of the drama. When I came to this body as a child, I didn’t have any possessions, except my account of karmas and my sanskars.

As per my karmas, material things and other souls started coming in my contact automatically. It is certainly by our positive and creative thoughts that we can create heaven on earth. All this is happening automatically as per the drama plan. The only thing I can control is my quality of actions. The thoughts, words or actions, created under the influence of the vices—lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego—create a negative account for me.

All karmas are driven by the original qualities of the soul, giving happiness to someone, having good and pure feelings for other souls, doing generous acts, all these generate a positive account for me. Positive thoughts benefit others, make me feel good, and create a good atmosphere. With positive thoughts, I can serve the souls around me and accumulate an account of the good wishes of those souls. This account will go with me wherever I go, even when I leave this body and take another one.

All this shows the power of thoughts. Our thoughts have the capacity to not only heal us but also have the potential to guide others and the world towards becoming a more loving place. Therefore, we need to be constantly aware of the thoughts that we create and understand the influence they have.

By Bk Shikha


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