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Turn yourself to God

Sister Shanti, Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani’s spiritual daughter, once said to him, “Beloved Dada! I feel I cannot measure up to difficult spiritual practices. Is there any simple sadhana which I can perform easily and on which I can build my spiritual life?”

The master said to her, “Even as the daisy turns to the sun, so must you turn to the beloved! You must turn to God all the time!”

By sheer coincidence, a beautiful sunflower lay on the table. Pointing to it, the master said to Shanti, “The sunflower is so named because it always faces the sun. It blooms with the rising sun, it turns its face towards the sun, following its path across the sky from east to west, and with the setting sun, it closes its many eyes! Be like the sunflower; it is the simplest sadhana that we can all undertake.”

Is it not sad that we human beings are so fascinated by the glitter and glamour of the material world, that we live in forgetfulness of God and never really face Him? We forget to pray; we forget to thank Him for the countless blessings He has bestowed upon us; we forget to seek His blessings; we are swept away by the flood of worldly concerns and material desires.

Is this not ironic too, that the sun is millions of miles away from the earth, and yet the sunflower faces the sun persistently. As for God, He is here; He is everywhere; He is nearer than you believe; if truth were to be told, you don’t have to go out to look for Him—for He is the Indweller within each one of us! All we have to do to ‘find’ Him, is to look inward!


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