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Importance of Values

Values are caught not taught

Values are at the bottom of everything we do. They determine a lot of what we attempt and accomplish in our lives. If we give weight and importance to something, we will give it time and energy. But can values really be taught, or are they passed on from one generation to another through inspiration and perspiration? If you were asked to place a monetary value on yourself, what would be your reply? How much are you worth? If your child needed some of your time, what amount of money would you quote as your worth? How much would one need to pay to get some honesty out of you? Or perhaps, there is a special deal on respect this week but not love! It has nothing to do with the dollar value. It relates to the denomination of one’s self-worth. In fact, values lie in the heart of every soul regardless of whether we can ‘feel’ them or not. Each time we make a decision, a value is at play.

Values earn us blessings. The tidings of love oils the wheels of our lives and make them smoother. Success and victory arrive easily. Values earn us loyalty and friendship. Values earn us more money as we demonstrate trust and honesty. Values earn us fidelity and dignity. This income is endless, and at the same time priceless. Our conscience relies totally on our set of values. If our core values are justice and fairness, we try to ensure that they are reflected in our every action. If our key value is sweetness, we will ensure that we do not hurt others. Otherwise, our conscience will surely be troubled. In other words, it will speak out and tell us that what we are about to do is in alignment with our ‘real’ self or not.

Listening to our conscience is a big part of exercising and asserting our values. How much something is worth depends on how much you value it! You may not value something until you really need it. And in that situation, you may be willing to pay exorbitant sums of money for the object of your desire. Thus, the value of something is also rated on the need of the moment. When we respect our own selves, we are functioning from our core values of love, truth, kindness, respect, peace and joy. This is what gives value or importance to the soul.

With so much deceit and corruption floating around, there is no better time to act out of value and virtue.

A person filled with values is likely to earn more at all levels as employers are not just looking for the academic credentials, but also the soul qualities. With so much deceit and corruption floating around, there is no better time to act out of value and virtue. Many people say they have to lie to make money or conduct their business, but the money earned in that way is deceiving you into thinking you own it—very soon it will leave your hands also. It’s time to share our values: unity, simplicity, cooperation, tolerance, humility, love, peace, respect, freedom and more.

Value your life and all personal resources—we know that money can’t buy life, but the blessings and good wishes of others have certainly proven to heal the soul and body. We know that a palace is not everything if it does not have the atmosphere of love and peace. We also know that a five-course meal is not satisfying if not eaten with friends and family. Try giving a thirsty person in the desert, a treasure chest full of gold, and he will be willing to trade it just for a glass of water; the treasure chest will have no value! Believe me, it is only in crisis that a man’s true sense of values comes to the surface, while in normal times, one may behave in a hypocritical manner and idealism.

By Aruna Ladva


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