6 Ways in Which A Yoga or Meditation Retreat Can Help You Unwind

Wellbeing diaries: 6 ways retreats help you rejuvenate

Tired from an urban, sedentary lifestyle? It’s time to head to a yoga retreat or a meditation retreat to unwind with nature and experience its brilliant effects.

Are you the kind of person who remains glued to their mobile or computer screen throughout the day? Well, though it seems inevitable that any of us can stay away from it anymore, some are more glued than others. The boon of connectivity through devices has seen an astronomical rise and a technology dependent lifestyle has become the norm. But this also means that we are drifting away from nature and its precious bounties.

No matter how comfortable we are in our cosy rooms, glued to our gadgets amid all modern amenities, a visit to a yoga retreat or meditation centre soothes our senses unlike anything we find on the internet or on our screens. In fact, the farther we are from nature, the more anxious we tend to be.

Taking a break, pausing to stare at a tree or falling raindrops has the power to take us out of the stress and anxiety we are experiencing. Imagine walking and spending time in a nature retreat, its may activities inundating us with calm and clarity of thought. The urban city life can truly drain us of our creative energies making us lose our peace of mind. Spending some time in a nature’s retreat can be our passport to a refreshed mind, enhanced productivity and increased self-awareness. For that essential mental and physical wellbeing we all chase, heading to a retreat of some sort is a must.

Soulveda gives you a sneak peak of how a retreat can bring a zing back and reload you with energy.

Oneness with nature

Helen Keller, the famous American author and disability activist who lost her hearing and sight even before turning 2, once said, “To me, a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” You too might have walked barefoot on the dewy grass of the morning and experienced pure bliss. You may have also paused and noticed the beauty and perfect symmetry of a flower and the enchanting hues it displays. If not, then it is time to walk into nature and marvel at the immense beauty and perfection of almighty’s surroundings.

Interestingly, when you are away from the hustle-bustle of a mechanical life, you also realize how tiny a speck you are in this infinite universe. Indeed, it is essential to remind ourselves that we are a product of this vast nature. We need to revisit the bond that we share with nature to comprehend its value. During the breaks we take, when we walk into the wild, marvel at its nuances, we start cherishing the oneness we share with nature.


Very few people can deny the wholesome experience of aromatherapy. Of burning and inhaling scented candles infused with essential oils. If you are a spa regular, you know the intense relaxation of an aroma induced ambience.

Trees contain all these natural essential oils that you find in scented candles – they constantly release these into the forest air. When we walk among trees, we breathe in these essential oils, making our senses calm and boosting our mental health.

A startling fact reveals that a 2-hour walk increases our sleep by 15% and our energy levels by more than 30%! It is these essential oils that induce a calming effect on us, making us sleep better and longer. Going to a wellness retreat that is nestled in greenery is thus a must at regular intervals.

More productivity

Few days into a retreat and we realize how it tends to increase our productivity. We come back rejuvenated and revitalized with our energy levels considerably higher. Most importantly, we tend to gain a new perspective; whatever thought or work dragged us along previously tends to be completed with ease after a retreat.

Generally, a yoga or health retreat chooses a holistic wellness approach for their patrons, working on both the physical and mental aspect of wellbeing. So when we come out of the retreat, we find that activities like meditation or yoga have boosted our productivity. We regain focus and enhance our mindfulness as nature takes us away from myriad distractions. All of these increase our productivity to a great extent.

Digital detox

We live in an online era of numerous news alerts, notifications and social media interactions. It is almost impossible to keep ourselves away from digital devices. Obviously, our attention spans have since taken a big hit. A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to a mere eight seconds – dropping down nearly 25% in just a few years.

Picture this – we are learning about something new every time we log into our devices, we have instant news from all parts of the world and we can simultaneously chat with a buddy or more. While all this may seem like a case of plenty, it has actually impacted our focus severely.

Reconnecting with nature and undergoing a holistic schedule at a retreat is a great way to detoxify ourselves digitally. A digital fast or detox helps immensely in bringing back mindfulness. We tend to feel a sense of liberation amidst nature, pausing at its precious beauty. It fills us with inner peace which reflects in our enhanced mood and clear mind.

Calm and clarity

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” These golden words by the visionary scientist Albert Einstein truly summarizes how nature is crucial for humanity.

We do not realize it, but the daily grind saps us of our energy and decision-making ability, leaving us drained and demotivated. Nature, yoga or meditation – all have a soothing effects on us, making us calmer, happier and more vibrant.

A Harvard study has shown that improving air quality causes mental cognition to rise. One can only imagine the restorative properties of breathing clean air in a good, holistic retreat.

Healthy organic food

Unfortunately, modern lifestyle also has a devastating impact on our food habits and the gut. Long working hours, a sedentary lifestyle, not enough outdoor activity, all lead to a poor nutrient intake. The fad of picking up a junk food or a processed or packaged food while on the go and the mindless munching turns out to be detrimental to our gut and overall health.

At a meditation retreat or somewhere similar, we are introduced to organic and freshly cooked food. Incorporating fresh, balanced meals in one’s diet with plenty of fluids is one of the best ways to start afresh the journey of physical and mental healing. Once we are back, we can mindfully choose what to feed ourselves. Our gut will also indicate good health as stress and anxiety will leave our body with a good diet.

Going back to nature works wonderfully for us in many ways. It deeply cleanses, calms and clears the mind and body alike. Going to a yoga retreat or a meditation retreat to live amidst nature for a few days truly enhances our wellbeing in every possible way.




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