The Most Relaxing Things to Do in Goa

Go Goa: Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul on Goa’s enchanting beaches

It is known that the water, sun, sand, air and the food in Goa revitalise our mind and body unlike anything else. Head to Goa for an enchanting experience for the soul.

I have been to many beaches in India – the famous Juhu beach in Mumbai, the Marina beach in Chennai and many more. But Goa beaches will always have a special place in my heart. The fun one can have in the beaches of Goa is unparalleled. The vibrant shores are captivating and delightfully remind me that my love for the sea is totally justified. Its invigorating effect on my persona and spirits is something that cant be matched anywhere else.

‘Susegad’ is a unique element of the Goan culture and the tradition, described as a relaxed attitude and enjoyment of life to the fullest. I experience this and a feeling of rejuvenation of my mind, body and soul happens the moment I walk on a Goa beach.

The oceans have always amazed me, bringing a sense of happiness and peace from within. And the beaches of Goa definitely top my list of tripping by the ocean. The beaches in Goa offer an ubiquitous feeling, especially when the waves splash on my body, wiping down every stress in my life.

What makes Goa beaches so enchanting is the feeling of joie de vivre, which is present in every breath of the fresh air, every splash of the sea waves, in the vibrant colours of the homes and above all, the people and culture of Goa. Joie de vivre means cheerful enjoyment of life and an exultation of spirit which is ingrained in every aspect of Goa.This state and its beaches offer a blissful experience for all the three elements of life, namely joys of the body, moments of quiet solitude for the mind and a holistic experience for the soul to transcend the realm of reality and stay eternally happy.

Rejuvenate your body in Goa

For me, getting into the sea and splashing around is the best way to wash away all my tensions, feelings of tiredness and lethargy. Plus, there are tons to choose from among the variety of water sports in Goa. Mandrel and Morjim beaches are perfect for the lovers of water sports or for those who want to get their adrenalin rushing. Even kitesurfing can be done at both Mandrem and Morjim beaches in Goa. Dona Paula near Panjim has a one of its kind experience when it comes to windsurfing with wonderful breezes.

Candolim and Baga beaches are known to have the best operators in scuba diving,offering a view into the wonderland under the sea. Baga beach is especially good for water sports in Goa as this is the safest beach for first time divers. Grande Island and Uma Guva Reef are few of the amazing scuba diving adventure spots in Goa for glimpses of stunning underwater marine life like colourful fish and turtles.

Water sports are perfect for unwinding from stress and relieving muscular tension of the body. But if you are a music and party lover, Palolem offers one of a kind dance experience at the beach with what is called a silent party. It is a full beach party with fun, lights, glamour and groovy rythms playing on your personal headphones.

Rejuvenate your mind in Goa

My mind is a seeker, continuously exploring ways to follow my passion. Different beaches in Goa offer unique pleasures as well. For instance, Agonda with its beachside restaurants provides a good view of the sea and is one of the quieter and less crowded beaches of Goa. Here parents can enjoy a cosy time together while watching kids playing safely at a distance. Locals here offer many delicacies from the typical Goan cuisine as well. Ashwem, Palolem and Patnem also offer a family friendly environment with beach huts and a right balance of amenities and personal space. I just love the quality time I spend with my family here in Goa.

For the culture freaks, Goa is a reflection of the Portuguese culture, rich in arts and Christian architecture with its cluster of museums, art galleries and iconic stone walled churches. Panaji, the cultural centre of Goa is closest to the Candolim, Calangute and Baga beaches, making it a perfect circuit to traverse.

These beaches are also famous for restaurants serving Goan cuisine – like Black Sheep Bistro, old-school Goan restaurants like Hotel Venite and Viva Panjim. For the love of international cuisine, one can make a visit to Pitmen’s garden styled Jaali-Café for Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food and Palolem’s Ourem 88 for European classics and the English Sunday roast.

Rejuvenate your soul in Goa

Ironically, experiencing Susegad or joie de vivre is a tough task if you are in Goa – it is tough to relax and admire the natural beauty and feel inner peace when Goa beaches are full of tourists. Heading to Betalbatim beach, popularly known as sunset beach of Goa, with clean sands and pine trees along the shoreline, is a good idea then.

If you love fishing, Betul beach is the place to be. Betul beach with its picturesque backdrop of the Western Ghats and cool breezes is an ideal place for picnics and a laid-back day. Towards the northern end of the Palolem beach, lies the Butterfly beach with golden sands and millions of butterflies flying over the hilltop.

To make memories for a lifetime, head straight to the Hollant beach for a sunrise and engulf your soul with a pristine experience. For a secluded and peaceful beach experience, visit the Kakolem beach. A beach with two waterfalls and no mobile network, this one is sure to hit the sweet spot between fun and wellbeing.




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