tips to cultivate positive thoughts for life

10 Simple practices to cultivate positive thoughts in your life

Make your life the nucleus thats filled with positive thoughts. Negative thoughts may be around, but allow them to circle you in vain. In this complex world, let positive thinking bring happiness extraordinaire.

What is simple and what comprises being difficult, have you ever wondered? I am sure this question is too simple to answer, isn’t it? However, the truth is that it is the simple things from childhood days that make us smile even today. Getting drenched in the rain, making a paper boat and trying to make it float, these things were reason enough to be happy and stay positive throughout childhood.

In fact, a particularly strong childhood memory is when we used to have frequent power cuts in the national capital. The moment power was gone in the darkest of nights, there used to be an uproar in the whole colony. Can you guess why? All the children would rejoice, fearlessly declaring to their parents that they would stay awake and have some fun. Life was amazingly simple then. Actually, it can be even today, if we get that ‘child in you’ out again. The child who is an epitome of positive thinking, who is never worried about difficulties, who is ready to go despite frequent falls and above all, who stays happy all the time.

Soulveda shares how to lead a life full of positive thinking, by simply following these top 10 practices.

#1 Follow your heart

Since childhood, you may have been conditioned to refrain from feeling, expressing and doing things like a child. Are you a kid? The nagging voice of an adult in your head asking you this question – must be all too familiar.

Interestingly however, experts vouch for following one’s heart to be healthy adults. Sometimes, it turns out to be the most refreshing thing in your life. Playing games which you used to play as a kid with your kids today is a lovely example of this. Be child-like and follow your heart. And find yourself beaming with energy and positivity.

#2 Seek friends

Having a free-flowing chat with friends counts for one of the best things a human can ever experience. Make a list of your good friends and meet them on every single opportunity life presents you with. Childhood friends are even more special, as they let you be what you used to be. Pure joy is the only expression I can think of, when describing a friendly conversation.

Seeking friends out and having friendly banter not only fills you with pleasure but also highlights the positive things in your life. The more genuine friends you have, the more positivity you are bound to have in your life.

#3 Memorize positive words

As you grow older and social pressure starts building up, you tend to undermine the positivity in you. In this hyper competitive world, losing out is often considered a bad consequence with people labeling one who loses out as a failure in no time. To counter the onslaught of negativity, always prepare and memorize selectively chosen positive words for yourself. This is commonly known as a self pep talk.

You can prepare flash cards with words that are inherently positive and optimistic in nature. Doing so will instantly fill you with positivity and give you courage to fight on in life, no matter what the setback.

#4 Savour positive moments

More often than not, we allow good moments to pass us by without crediting them for how nice they make us feel. Simple joys like your kid starting to walk for the first time, attending your child’s first school performance, eating ice lollies on a summer evening are some of the many moments that are forever gratifying in nature.

So try and make a special corner in your mind and store these positive moments for an entire lifetime. Such experiences have the power to develop a long-lasting stream of positive thoughts and emotions, which you can savour at will.

#5 Capitalize on positive moments

Positive moments in your life are an incredible force of goodness, so why keep them to yourself? Share these moments with your friends, talk about them with your cousins and relatives and share them with your circle of people in general. Just allow yourself to be genuine and capitalize on all the positive moments you have and get. Jump around, laugh or clap when you feel happy as it tunes your body and mind to be happy as well.

Expressing happy moments and showing gratitude for them lead to having a positive body language and that multiplies your joys and prolongs the positivity in your life.

#6 Volunteer for social causes

Have your ever volunteered at a Gurudwara or done social service without any strings attached? Helping others is the most human and natural way to stay positive and feel happy about life. Volunteering for a  big cause brings an impactful and positive change in one’s mind. It has the power to change one’s whole world view and bring out a better version of who we are – simply because we cannot focus on the bad things when doing good to others.

#7 Thank you notes

Can you recall when was the last time you wrote a thank you note to someone? Sending a thank you note is a simple yet extremely effective practice of positive thinking in life. It not only generates goodwill but also spreads the positivity in your social circle where you spend most of your time.

Indeed, the happiest moments of a person’s life comes when he or she is appreciated so we must practice saying thank you to people who matter. Soon, we will start getting appreciated in return as well.

#8 Positive thoughts in your life: Adopt a healthy lifestyle

No matter how positive you are, suffering or sickness can shroud your life and persona with negativity or sad emotions. In such times, to feel good about yourself, you need to maintain a basic level of health and fitness.

Sleeping well and eating a balanced diet helps to keep fitness levels at an optimum. Exercising, doing yoga or walking should also be an essential part of your daily life to be able to defend any sickness, both of mind and body. Staying fit will also ensure that you consistently replenish your energy levels, making you enthusiastic about life no matter what the crisis.

#9 Celebrate small wins

Do you remember when as a child, you used to feel ecstatic at every small achievement of yours – wining a board game or coming first among friends as you climbed up the stairs? On a similar vein, try and enjoy every little thing life has to offer even as an adult. It revitalizes you.

Celebrating small wins make those moments memorable as well. These wins nudge you to focus on how good your life already is.

#10 Follow positive media

Now this one is a googly. In modern times, media plays a particularly important role in shaping our thoughts and emotions. What news and literary articles we consume determine our mind’s direction and priorities. So learn to consciously follow positive media – the kind which makes you feel good about life in general and positive about you in particular.

Following good news and positive world reports also help lift your mood while improving  your thinking by initiating a positive self-dialogue.




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