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6 benefits of aligning thoughts, words and action

Getting into the habit of aligning thoughts, words and actions makes one reliable outwards and content within.

Often friends like to joke among themselves about how their new year resolutions fall flat in the first three months itself. We frequently find people around us say something and then don’t do what they say. Or they make a grand resolution that they don’t eventually meet. If one thinks hard enough, one may find themselves doing such a thing from time to time as well.

While it may seem like a harmless act, it often amounts to something big – not aligning one’s words, thoughts and actions in life can affect the bigger picture. The harmony of these three elements helps steer us in the right direction by turning our actions into healthy habits that set us up for a successful life.

No matter where you belong or what you do, trust and credibility are one of the foremost things people look for in potential friends, partners and employees. This credibility comes when we are able to put into words our exact thoughts and then execute them responsibly. A dependable family member, a trustworthy lover or a colleague who is a friend in need; these are the kind of people who attract others with their solid, confident personalities. And the best thing is that anyone can cultivate such healthy traits – by setting the foundation with the holy trio of thoughts, words and actions.

Soulveda shares what the power of thoughts, words and actions being one can do for you.

Builds confidence

When our thoughts, words and actions are in synchronicity, our life is harmonious and less chaotic. We can move about our life and routine with the knowledge that we have a basic control on things. It not only makes each day more manageable but also makes us less easy to sway to disturbances.

It is important to practice the reverse as well. If a thought that forms in our mind doesn’t seem right, we should resist speaking about it. Saying something we second guess sends wrong signals to our body and surroundings as well. It also makes the one hearing it confused about our actual intentions.

So one must build a confident personality by cleaning up one’s language first – use words and ask questions that set clear goals and sharpen focus. It is also important to remove excess or curse words from one’s everyday vocabulary.

This will cut chaos from the everyday, build a stronger sense of self and even inspire others to do the same.

Makes relationships better

Many a times, we seem to speak a significant amount, but tend to make little sense. Also, speaking a lot doesn’t necessarily mean we are being understood. In fact, we have often seen that some people who speak less tend to say exactly what they think and make more impact.

The reverse also tends to be true – when we are unsure of what we really think, it shows when we try to talk about the same. Our lack of clarity on the subject shows and it exposes us as someone who is unsure and second guessing themselves. This is something that can be a deterrent in building trusting relationships, both personally and professionally.

Having clarity of thought is thus important in building healthy relationships. Anyone who wants to become a part of our life can be sure of our intentions when they see our thoughts and words are in sync. And that sets the tone for the relationship just right.

If it seems like a tough thing to do, start by practicing it daily in small doses. Choose a topic and think hard about it. Also think through how you will execute the plan when it comes to that. Once clear with your thoughts, figure how you’d like to express it in words. When you find the right words, you are ready to share it with the world.

The people to whom you will now convey your intentions will find you ready and capable for the task ahead. In fact, some of them will also accompany you in your endeavor.

Develops the ‘I Can’ attitude

When we speak in a discouraging manner to ourselves, our thoughts change their course too. For instance, if we keep complaining about how we won’t be able to lose that extra weight, then even taking action by exercising every morning will not be enough. Or if we want to get a promotion at work, but keep thinking we possibly cant because someone is better, then no matter how much our hard work shines through, we will never get that promotion. This is because our thoughts, words and actions are all different to each other.

It is very important to line up all three for success in daily life. Spend a good amount of time to think what you need and then be confident enough to say it out loud. Do not send mixed signals to yourself or to the world around you. Once you align your action with your thoughts and words, you can achieve whatever you set out for. This is the ‘I can’ attitude that will take one ahead instead of holding one back.

Simply aim for something and focus on all three elements to watch yourself soar!

Helps achieve mental peace and contentment

How many times have you regretted something you said? It may have been said inadvertently, but most people don’t forget things easily. A thing spoken out of context or with an edge stays in the public memory for long and there is nothing that can undo the faux pas. Important or casual, such conversations play in one’s mind for long after they happen, robbing peace and calm.

So what could have been done differently? The most effective practice to avoid such incidents is the harmony of thoughts, words and action. While one is learning to sync these three elements, it is okay to take time to answer when people ask questions – there is no urgency to answer straightaway. And there is definitely no urgency to answer without giving a good thought.

Getting into the habit of aligning thoughts, words and actions makes one reliable outwards and content within. According to experts, it’s a very successful tool to tap into the potential one has. It’s fairly simple to start – begin your journey of internal harmony by speaking exactly what you think in small gatherings. Then move on to larger, more personal occasions – if you are more peaceful post events and suffer lesser anxiety after conversations, then that means you are charting the healthy ladder of growth.

Helps succeed professionally

Employers across the globe choose potential employees who are confident and have an attitude to learn. They prefer people who think properly before they speak and commit and eventually perform as desired.

The power of thoughts and the power of words play a great role in one’s professional success. When one aligns and implements their thoughts and words with their actions, they get more done. Further, their team also tries to replicate their leadership. This inspired team work leads to success stories and combined growth. An inspired leader who believes in the power of thoughts, words and actions being one is a coveted one. Companies vouch for and are always in the search for such leaders.

Achieves goals faster

It is well known that one’s thoughts influence one’s words. And the power of our words leads to us taking concrete actions. So making use of the trio to one’s benefit will mean that we can reach each of our goals, be it personal or professional, faster.

Instead of floundering or working through life in a chaotic fashion, you will learn to utilize your time and energy preciously, not allowing wastage of any kind. Over time and practice, you will be able to discern which thoughts are wishful or arising from impulse and which deserve execution. This habit will be the winning differentiator between you and the rest.




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