How to Build Your Success

Building success, one mini habit at a time: A step-by-step guide

Instead of jumping into a major transformation, it makes more sense to adopt minor changes each day, also known as mini habits. Doable and sustainable, mini habits can bring about giant changes.

A lot changes as we grow up. We move from a free-spirited behaviour to a set of acquired behaviour patterns which help us in navigating life smoothly. These are called habits. According to a Duke University research, our behaviour is accounted by 40% of our habits on any given day. Our life is practically the sum of our habits. How happy we are or what kind of a lifestyle we have, is a result of our habits.

Habits play a major role in our success in life – eating healthy and exercising regularly are two excellent habits which impact our physical as well as mental wellbeing. When our health is in great condition, we are also successful in terms of having a positive mindset, social connections and a general outlook towards life. In most cases, this translates into financial success and other accomplishments too.

It is no shocker that we all want to develop good habits and break away from bad ones. Sleeping early and getting up early is one of the greatest habits which can help us immensely in maintaining good health and productivity. Unfortunately, many of us have acquired a habit of spending too much time on gadgets, something if we get rid of will boost our productivity, sharpen focus and keep our eyesight healthy.

It is also understood that any change to our routine or a set behaviour is tough to handle even when we know that changing our habits could be life-transforming. While making major changes to our behaviour patterns or habits is challenging, small changes or developing mini habits are more doable and sustainable while being less daunting. The term ‘mini habits’ was coined by author Stephen Guise in his book, ‘Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results.’ According to him, taking a small step coupled with desired behaviour leads to high probability of further action.

So join us as we give you a step-by-step guide on how to develop these mini habits in order to bring about major changes in your life.

Start really small

If you have never regularly exercised in your life, do you think that hitting a gym or a full-blown workout all of a sudden will be possible? There are chances of your body not adapting to this strenuous physical activity in an instant. So it is a great idea to start small – 10 minutes of warm up, jogging or brisk walking before extending it to gradually reach the desired level of activity. Similarly, if you frequently visit social media sites, start by setting a time frame.

The same rule applies to any new habit that you want to cultivate. Be it reading, making healthy choices in your diet or checking notifications on your phone, start small to make it big. Doing so will translate into more productive time and sharpened focus.

Deliberate on the ‘mini habit’ daily

Taking out the least amount of time each day for a habit that you are trying to develop is easier to do than aiming super high. It is because you can do so without making enormous changes in your daily routine.

As most of us are already hard pressed for time due to several commitments, it is not possible to do a lot everyday. But it will not be a herculean task to devote minimal time to a new behaviour each day. Being regular at a task, however small it is, will condition you towards it. After a time period, you will start doing it on your own and that’s when it will become a habit.

For instance, you will first start taking out 10 minutes each day for your exercise schedule and that in itself will be a huge win. Soon, it will start giving results, encouraging you to extend the time duration. This is how mini habits work!

Go small for a long time

It may be tempting to give up as soon as the going gets just a little tough when forming a healthy habit. But if you just stick to what you started, for just a little bit longer than usual, you’ll see the rewards you reap.

For instance, if it is 5 minutes of deep breathing and meditation that you have undertaken, do not try to increase the duration all of a sudden. Paucity of time, making an excuse or simply forgetting should not become the reason or norm to quit this mini habit that you have adopted. Simply stick to the meditative practice for 5 minutes each day, till the time it becomes ingrained in your daily schedule. From there on, you can increase the duration to reap more benefits, without the risk of losing this mini habit on the way.

Reward yourself in a big way

Even if it’s a small habit that you are cultivating, reward yourself for the accomplishment in a big way. Pat yourself on the back for sticking to your new behaviour pattern. Treat yourself to something on your bucket list. Not only will it motivate you towards further development of this habit, you will feel a sense of achievement, filling you with a desire to achieve more.

In simpler words, it will keep you going. To sustain a habit is half the battle won. A mini habit when integrated into your routine, will make you strive to extract more benefits from your efforts, making you reach closer to success.

Hang on to a support system

Building mini habits may be a small feat but they get easier to do when you have the support of someone you trust. This person, online community or forum or group keeps you motivated when your spirits go down or other things take priority. Confiding in a family member or a friend to garner support is a solid way to stay on track.

Making small steps towards a bigger goal is the most practical way to bring about change. Gradually building these mini habits make you inch towards your goal and finally success. Adopting mini habits is a perfect example of improving and learning each day.


What are mini habits?

Mini habits are small, manageable actions or routines that you commit to on a daily basis.

Why are mini habits important, and how can they contribute to long-term success?

Mini habits are important because they provide a practical and sustainable approach to success. Over time, these mini-habits create a strong foundation for lasting positive change, making it easier to tackle more significant goals.

How can individuals stay motivated and track their progress when implementing mini habits?

To stay motivated and track progress with mini habits, consider using tools like habit-tracking apps or journals. Celebrate small wins along the way to maintain enthusiasm.




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