Hello health: 7 simple, everyday hacks for a healthier and happier you

Attaining your health goals is not about making sweeping resolutions or drastic lifestyle changes; it is about adopting sustainable habits and prioritising your wellbeing in everyday life.

As each new year dawns, many of us make resolutions to improve our health and wellbeing by setting goals to exercise regularly, eat nutritiously and prioritise self-care. However, despite our initial enthusiasm and good efforts, we often succumb to old habits and routines. However, by implementing practical strategies into our daily lives, we can pave the way for lasting health and transform aspirations into results.

Join us as we explore simple yet effective hacks to help attain health goals and break free from the cycle of stagnation.

Set realistic and specific goals

How many of us have set random goals, like ‘I’ll get abs’ or ‘I’ll lose belly fat’, without really knowing how to achieve them? We bet quite a few of us have been there! To achieve success in your health and fitness goals, it is crucial to set clear and realistic goals. Rather than aiming for vague objectives, break down your goals into smaller, actionable steps.

Instead of simply saying that we’ll exercise more, set a specific target, such as going for a 30-minute walk five days a week or attending two yoga classes per week. By establishing clear, measurable milestones, you can track your progress and stay motivated to continue on your health journey.

Prioritise consistency over perfection

One of the most common pitfalls in pursuing health goals is striving for perfection. Many individuals become discouraged when they deviate from their ideal diet or miss a workout, viewing these lapses as failures.

However, it is essential to recognise that setbacks are a natural part of the journey. Instead of striving for perfection or ruing over some missed exercise days, focus on cultivating consistency in your routines. Even small changes made consistently over time can help you achieve results and contribute to your long-term success.

Incorporate variety and enjoyment

Sometimes we can get so caught up in sticking to a strict routine that it ends up making us dread our health goals. For instance, forcing ourselves to drink a glass of bitter gourd juice every day or swearing off sweets forever can make us hate the whole idea of getting healthy. Maintaining motivation for our health goals becomes much easier when we incorporate variety and joy into our wellness routine.

So, instead of forcing ourselves to engage in activities we dislike or following restrictive diets that leave us feeling deprived, we must explore different forms of exercise and nutritious foods that are also enjoyable. Whether it’s trying out a new workout class, experimenting with healthy recipes or engaging in outdoor activities, finding enjoyable ways to prioritise our health will make it more sustainable in the long run.

Cultivate a supportive environment

We all have that friend or two who always ask us to have another drink or invite us out for pizza, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. They’re not exactly making it easy for us to stick to our health goals, are they? That is why surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and keeping a healthy overall environment is crucial to achieving definite health goals. We must seek out friends, family members or online communities that share similar health aspirations as us and can provide encouragement and practical advice when needed.

Pay attention to hydration and nutrition

How many of us pay attention to what we eat and how much water we drink each day? We all get caught up in our busy lives and forget about basics like nutrition and hydration. However, it is important to know that focusing on what we put in our body makes a world of difference. This involves adopting a balanced diet rich in nutrients that supports our overall health and wellbeing. We can do this by preparing a list of what we all we’ll be eating right at the start of each week. By prioritising nutrition and hydration, we can optimise our health and surely achieve our fitness goals.

Manage stress levels, get good sleep

Do you ever find yourself wide awake at night, unable to get a good night’s sleep? It’s no secret that sleep is essential for your health, but most of the time, your stress can keep you awake. That’s why it’s important to manage your stress levels. Each night, make sure that you take some time to unwind before bedtime by meditating or reading. And definitely, stop looking at your mobile phones or watching television right before that shuteye. By prioritising relaxation and stress reduction, you are sure to get better sleep and improve your overall health.

Track your progress

We all have those days when our health goals seem challenging to achieve. That’s where accountability and tracking come in handy. Whether it’s through a journal, app or checklist, seeing how far we’ve come can provide us the motivation we need to keep going.

Additionally, one must consider taking professional help from a health coach or nutritionist who can offer expert guidance and strategies tailored to their individual needs. Finally, by surrounding ourselves with positive influences, we can stay motivated to pursue our health goals for life.

It is good to note that attaining one’s health goals is not about making sweeping resolutions or drastic lifestyle changes; it is about adopting sustainable habits, cultivating consistency and prioritising one’s wellbeing in everyday life. By setting realistic and specific goals and cultivating a supportive environment, we can achieve success in our health journey. So embrace these simple hacks and celebrate each step forward to a healthier, happier human.


How can I stay motivated to stick to my health goals?

Surrounding yourself with a supportive environment can make a big difference. Seek out friends who share similar health aspirations and can encourage you. You can also consider taking the support of a health coach for expert guidance.

Are there any quick fixes or shortcuts to achieving my health goals?

There are no shortcuts to long-term health and wellness. You must implement consistent habits over time and that will lead to improvements in your overall wellbeing.

What should I do if I encounter obstacles or setbacks along the way?

Reflect on what went wrong, adjust your approach, seek support from friends or professionals, and keep moving forward towards your health goals. And remember, a few days of exercise missed shouldn’t derail your health goals in the long run.

How can I make health hacks a permanent part of my lifestyle?

Start by incorporating one or two new habits at a time, gradually increasing them as they become ingrained in your routine. Remember to celebrate your successes and be patient with yourself.




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