How to start your day energetically

7 tricks to kick start your day on an energetic note

How you kick-start the day steers its direction from an average one to an energetic, cheerful and gratifying one.

The first proverb that I learnt from my Dad was “early to bed and early to rise.” An ardent follower of a healthy morning routine, he led an exemplary active lifestyle demonstrating to us the importance of a good start to a day rather than simply preaching about it. Although I have still not been able to follow his exceptional morning routine, however I did become a ‘morning’ person.

There is something magical about mornings, be it the breezy mornings of summers or dewy mornings of winters. The radiant orange hues of the dawn fill us with a zeal to kick-start the day with abundant enthusiasm. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine,” this quote by John C Maxwell, the famous author of many leadership titles, appropriately sums up the significance of a productive daily schedule. How you kick-start the day steers its direction from an average one to an energetic, cheerful and gratifying one.

We all experience days which are a ‘waste’, ones that give us a sense of restlessness. Human bodies are supposed to be active and sleep is a natural antidote to refresh, repair and regain the vitality to start another day. Our bodies follow a circadian rhythm, which is the physical, mental and behavioural changes responding to light and darkness in the 24-hour day span. The energy levels might dip at various moments during the day, but to sustain an optimum level, we need to start the day on an energetic note.

Here, we list 7 tricks so that you can kick-start your day on an energetic note.

Rise with the rising sun

There are thousands who throng beaches that are famous for spectacular sunrises. Sunrise accompanied with the harmony of chirping birds invigorates the senses and the body. However, it might not be possible to jump out of a cosy and comfortable slumber easily. But if the body is well rested, you will not find it difficult to wake up early.

Learn to break the pattern slowly. If you have a habit of sleeping in a light-proof room, do try to let the natural light come through. This is one of the best ways to make sure that our eyes and body respond to the sun rays. Not to forget, the morning alarm in a soothing and happy tone along with a strong determination to rise, will do the trick for you.

Rising with the rising sun is one of the healthiest habits one can cherish forever. Once you wake up early, there is suddenly more time to accomplish tasks. Just like the early bird who gets the worm. Or the sunflowers that bloom while facing the sun, hogging all the limelight. You may have also come across people who stick to their schedule of rising early even on a holiday and get to explore more than others. This is indeed one of the best gifts that anybody can give themselves.


We all know the importance of water for our survival. When we start to feel thirsty, it is an indication that the body needs fluids. Ideally, it should be replaced before the body signals it because when the fluid intake is sufficient, it shows as healthy and supple skin, high activity levels and optimum body processes. Starting a day with fluids, particularly water, has a positive impact on our metabolism. The physiological processes require sufficient fluids as 60% of our body weight is composed of water.

Many also vouch for starting the day with lukewarm water or herb infused water but plain water is adequate to hydrate the body’s whole system. Although an essential component of our diet, amidst the hustle bustle of the day, we tend to forget to drink much and the fluid intake is compromised. Remember that as a part of a healthy morning routine, hydrating the body with healthy drinks gives one an energy burst.

One can opt for fruits too as they are a major source of water apart from the valuable vitamins and minerals they supply. Packed juices, sugar laden energy drinks or fizzy drinks should be avoided as far as possible. Starting the day with water, carrying a bottle and sipping enough during the day is simple and effective.

Breathing and meditation

Ever observed your breathing when you are most relaxed? Breathing improves considerably when your body muscles are relaxed and the posture is upright. If breathing right, the oxygen intake becomes better, giving you ample energy to accomplish tasks. Kick-starting the morning with breathing exercises can work wonders for your entire system. It helps relax, boosting energy.

Breathing comes naturally to us. We do not pay enough attention to breathing, assuming that it is taking place efficiently. But kick-starting mornings with breathing exercises will make you aware of your breathing along with its many supplementary benefits.

We are aware of how stress has become a part and parcel of our lives lately. We sometimes carry the baggage of stress and anxiety from the previous day itself. Integrating meditation into one’s healthy morning routine can work miracles. Even if you have not woken up with a clear and fresh mind, mediation will help you accept the thoughts and work around them.

Meditation is not pushing away of thoughts. It is simply being mindful of various thoughts swaying one’s mind without getting overwhelmed. A daily meditative practice in the morning can bring much-needed calm, clarity and direction to the day ahead.

Exercise or yoga

Devoting sometime to exercising each day can be your best investment in your own wellbeing and productivity. But do you like to exercise in the morning or evening? A point to ponder here is that with already tired muscles, exercising in the evening may not reap you desired benefits.

A morning routine that has exercise or yoga adds manifold advantages – increases energy levels and agility, brings focus, helps in digestion, increases appetite and elevates cheerfulness. Exercise has the potential to lift any blanket of gloom or despair.

Exercising releases serotonin, making us more cheerful. A joyous mind will be more productive, creative and effective. Yoga combines the excellent benefits of exercise, breathing and meditation. If practised under expert supervision, yoga helps in achieving optimum health and lends an energetic demeanour throughout the day. In fact, exercise in any form gives a major energy kick.

But if you struggle to religiously follow an exercise routine, make sure to embrace the kind of exercise which you love to do rather than be forced to do.

Nutritious breakfast

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” All of us have heard of this quote by Adelle Davis, the most famous nutritionist of the previous century. The body needs to derive its energy once it gets into action after a period of rest. Ideally, breakfast should be a complete balanced meal, providing an entire spectrum of nutrients. A locally sourced, home-cooked breakfast not only satiates the taste buds but also provides ample nutrients.

However, most of us opt from a variety of packaged foods available freely. Choose wisely and minimize the intake of processed foods. Oats, eggs, nuts, seasonal fruits along with your breakfast of choice can work wonders for your mood as well as energy levels.

When you start the day with a healthy, hearty meal, it reflects on your activity levels throughout the day. Mornings can be the most activity dense part of the day. With a freshly awakened mind, an active exercise routine and a nutritious meal, you will be set for an energetic day ahead.

Soaking in sunshine

Our lifestyles have undergone a sea-change as we spend considerable time indoors. The work hours are spent glued to screens and screen addiction is rampant, leaving us hooked even after work. It is extremely crucial to spend some time regularly in sun, soaking in its energising effect. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, plays a significant role in various physiological processes. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to a threat of colon cancer, breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

According to a study, around 1 billion people worldwide have vitamin-D deficiency and around 50% of the global population have insufficient vitamin D levels. Spending time outdoors in the mornings is one of the best habits to kick-start your day. It fills you with abundant energy, helping you get the daily vitamin D dose and that much needed connect with nature.

Happy notes with loved ones

Why wait for the evening to catch up when you can start the day with your loved ones? Exercising together is highly recommended by experts as it aids both fitness and emotional bonding. What can be more pleasurable than a walk together in your neighbourhood park? Doing so ensures that all family members get to exercise as well as bond before the start of a hectic day.

While technology has connected us to a great extent, it has also segregated family members, glued to their own devices. Mornings can be the best time to bond, either over exercise or breakfast. Whether you choose to simply chat and share notes or do yoga, the warmth of loved ones is sure to energize you to take on the challenges of the day ahead!




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