Top Hill Stations to Boost your Mental Health

Travel to boost your wellbeing: 5 hill stations perfect for summer getaways

Summer is here and it's time to take a break from the scorching heat and head to the hills. Hill stations offer respite from the heat, are loads of fun and also offer a plethora of health benefits.

That the hills call to us during the super sunny days of Indian summer is no secret. We want to head somewhere that offers us a respite from the scorching sun. Hill stations have fresh air, delcious local produce and sunrises and sunsets that fulfil our travel cravings like little else can. But most of us may not know that travelling to hill stations during the summer season can have numerous benefits for our mental wellbeing.

Indeed, the scenic views and fresh mountain air can be very calming and soothing for the mind, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Additionally, being in nature can improve one’s overall mood and increase feelings of happiness and contentment. In a nutshell, travelling readies us for a fresh round of hustling in the city, thanks to the rest and care we get in the few days.

Here we explore five hill stations of India that are perfect for summer getaways and are sure to boost your mental wellbeing.


Ever wondered what it feels like to wake up to the chirping of birds and greenery around? Coorg is a mystical summer vacation spot located in Karnataka, the lush southern part of India. As you enter the town, you’re greeted by the aroma of coffee plantations that fill the air. Coorg is known for its rich coffee culture and is one of the largest coffee producers in India. You can take a tour of the plantations, learn about the coffee-making process and sample the aromatic brews. And ofcourse, carry a lot of packs back home for friends and family.

Coorg is also home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the country. The Abbey Falls and the Iruppu Falls are two of the most popular waterfalls in the region, offering a stunning display of cascading waters in the midst of forests. One must indulge in the local cuisine as well for it is a gorgeous blend of spicy and flavourful dishes.

In Coorg, every moment is a celebration of nature’s bounty. Apart from coffee, this Indian hill station is known for its homemade chocolates and wines, which one can savour as they soak in the beauty of the morning or night sky in one of the many beautiful resorts. It’s a place where you can escape the chaos of city life and truly immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the mountains.


Surrounded by the Nilgiri Mountains, Ooty is a perfect getaway for those seeking not just respite from the scorching summer heat but also some peace. As you enter this town in Tamil Nadu, you are surrounded by lush greenery and the breathtaking beauty of tea plantations. Ooty is known for its rich tea culture and is home to some of the best tea estates in India.

Ooty is a great place for sightseeing too – the Ooty Lake, nestled amidst the hills, is popular for boating and fishing activities. Also a must-see is the Doddabetta Peak, the highest peak in the Nilgiri Mountains, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys.

My favourite part of Ooty is when the sun sets and every corner of the town gets draped in serene and peaceful hues, the perfect balm for one’s mental wellbeing. Every moment spent here feels like a celebration of nature’s beauty. It’s a place where one can truly unwind, relax and rejuvenate amidst the mighty mountains.


The Western Ghats of India are a thing of absolute beauty, especially when lush and green. Kodaikanal, surrounded by the Palani Hills, offers a fabulous glimpse into the magnificent Western Ghats. As you wander through this town in Tamil Nadu, you’re greeted by the misty mountains and the cool breeze that blows through the pine trees. Kodaikanal is known for its stunning natural wonders, with the Kodaikanal Lake being one of the most popular tourist attractions. A boat ride on the lake surrounded by the verdant hills and the serene waters is sure to perk up your mental health like no city can.

Kodaikanal is also home to Berijam Lake where many enjoy picnics or simply take a leisurely stroll. The Coaker’s Walk, a narrow path that runs along the edge of the mountain, offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley. However it is the adventurous souls like me who get to extract maximum fun out of this Indian hill station – many places in Kodaikanal offer a range of activities like trekking, camping and rock climbing. These thrilling activities give one a shot of adrenaline and make one keep coming back for more.

As is the case with most Indian hill stations, sunsets in Kodaikanal transform the land into a magical wonderland, what with its vibrant street markets and local cuisine. It’s a place where you can reconnect with nature, with yourself and discover the simple joys of life.


Nestled among the majestic Himalayas, lies a picturesque paradise that is Manali. This serene and scenic summer vacation spot is a true treasure trove of natural beauty, with its greens and panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity as you breathe in the fresh mountain air here and gaze at the breathtaking Himalayan ranges.

It’s beauty is not just limited to its stunning landscape though. From trekking through lush forests and valleys to paragliding and river rafting in the pristine waters of the Beas River, this hill station has something for every adventure seeker.

In Manali, every moment is a feast for the senses, from the soothing sounds of nature to the people-centric activities every mile or so. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors or choose to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.


Situated at the Himalayan foothills is another favourite of my family – Mussoorie is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and peace-seekers alike. As you explore this quaint town, you come across some scenic waterfalls, with the Kempty Falls being one of the most popular tourist spots. You can dip your feet in its refreshing waters or simply enjoy a picnic by the falls.

For the adventurous souls, Mussoorie has activities like trekking, camping and paragliding. One can also take a cable car ride to Gun Hill, which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

As the sun sets, Mussoorie comes alive with its vibrant nightlife. People can indulge in the local cuisine, which is a blend of traditional Garhwali and Tibetan dishes. One can also enjoy the cultural shows and events that are held throughout the town, offering a glimpse into the local way of life.

Truly, travelling to hill stations can be a great way to improve one’s overall wellbeing. With their scenic beauty, pleasant climate and numerous activities, hill stations provide the perfect escape from the summer heat as well as the many stresses of everyday life.




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