The Great Train Journey: Must-Read Book by Ruskin Bond

The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond, a must-read for every train lover

For many of us, Ruskin Bond has been a significant part of our childhood. His magical words and settings cheer us up and transport us to a world of wonder.

Childhood is a wonderful place we all like to visit through our memories from time to time. Filled with loving moments and timeless stories, our childhood nostalgia stays with us forever. And no author understands childhood nostalgia better than Ruskin Bond. His magical words and settings have the power to instantly cheer us up and transport us to a world of wonder. And there is no better combination of heady nostalgia than that of Ruskin Bond and trains!

One of his most beloved works is The Great Train Journey, a collection of 14 stories that capture the essence of trains, stations and passengers in both colonial and post-independence India. All the stories revolve around trains—be it train watching, travelling or walking along the tracks. These stories are set in and around the railway stations of small-town India, particularly Dehradun. The title story, The Great Train Journey, features a boy named Suraj, who spends his summer holidays wandering around the railway station and its tracks. The other characters in the collection include animal-loving grandfathers, hardworking farmers and interesting individuals like Mr Dayal. Each character brings their own sweet charm, making the stories enjoyable.

This collection includes some of Ruskin Bond’s most famous train stories, such as The Tunnel, The Night Train at Deoli and The Eyes Have It. Join us as we explore The Great Train Journey and share why readers must add this wonderful book to their must-read list.

Helps you revisit your happy place

Do you ever wish to revisit your childhood? Ruskin Bond’s The Great Train Journey does just that. Bond has a wonderful ability to capture the essence of childhood adventures, curiosity and innocence like no one else. The Great Train Journey is filled with heartwarming moments that instantly transport you back to your childhood. This book is a delightful escape from the chaos of modern life. So, if you’re looking to relive the magic of your childhood, this book is an absolute must-read.

Characters we can easily connect to

One of the best things about The Great Train Journey is the wonderful cast of characters. Readers get to meet a host of quirky train passengers with unique traits. These characters feel like real people you might know, making them extremely relatable and endearing. Ruskin Bond ensures that you form a connection with them, root for their successes and experience their joys and challenges. This deep bond that you form with the characters makes the stories more enjoyable.

Magical and beautiful settings

The Great Train Journey is a wonderful example of how Ruskin Bond can bring settings to life. As you read, you can almost hear the train’s whistle and feel the cool breeze on your face as it moves through scenic landscapes and towns. His description transports the reader to diverse landscapes, from the Himalayas to the bustling city streets of Delhi or to the rural countryside—making it feel like you’re right there along with the characters. These settings not only provide a stunning backdrop for the story but also inspire you to embark on a journey in reality.

Classic and timeless themes

There is something magical about story books that makes you root for imaginary characters and feel their joys and pain. The Great Train Journey delves into timeless themes like friendship, adventure and the spirit of exploration. These themes connect with readers of all ages and remind us of the joy of human connections and the ecstasy of discovering new places. The author also brings in subjects like courage and the passage of time that add more depth and meaning to the stories. These elements linger in our minds long after we’ve finished reading the stories.

A shared love for trains

In one sentence, The Great Train Journey is a tribute to the Indian Railways. Ruskin Bond’s affection for trains and railways is evident in his writing, where he portrays them as more than just transportation. In his stories, the railways symbolise a way to connect people from diverse backgrounds. Bond captures the beauty of long journeys, highlighting how they bring people together and help form unique connections.

The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond is a delightful read that offers a perfect blend of nostalgia, engaging characters, beautiful settings, timeless themes with a mix of humour and wisdom. Whether you are a fan of Ruskin Bond or a new reader, this book deserves a place on your must-read list.


What are some of the most popular books by Ruskin Bond?

Some of Ruskin Bond’s popular books include The Blue Umbrella, Room on the Roof, The Night Train at Deoli, Rusty, the Boy from the Hills and The Great Train Journey.

What themes are commonly found in Ruskin Bond's books?

Ruskin Bond’s books often explore themes like nature, childhood, adventure, friendship and the simplicity of rural life.

Are Ruskin Bond's books suitable for children?

Yes, many of Ruskin Bond’s books are suitable for children and young adults.

What makes Ruskin Bond's writing style unique?

Ruskin Bond’s writing style includes simplicity, clarity and detailed descriptions of places.




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