A fool’s paradise

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan observes, "Man is living in a fool's paradise of his own making, but the resurrection will shatter all his dreams."

What a shock it will be for man to realise that his activities on earth have amounted to nothing! People take pride in asserting themselves, but they would do better to discover their humility and abject helplessness in the presence of God. They seek to justify their errors, but they would do better to admit them. They have been given tongues with which to praise God, but they praise human beings instead.

They have been endowed with the emotions of love and fear to offer to God, but they prefer to offer them to other objects. Hoarding wealth is their greatest aim in life, whereas it should be to give their wealth in God’s cause.

True virtue lies in being kind to the weak, but they ignore the weak and hail the mighty. They prefer to engage in noisy, worthless pursuits, but they would do better to delve into the silent world of meanings. Individual progress lies in being able to criticise themselves, but they never cease to criticise others.

They were expected to consider worldly wealth as worthless, but they have striven after it relentlessly as if it were the source of all goodness.

Only those are in the right, who measure up to the standard set by God.

People have set up their own standards about what is right and what is wrong and, when they measure up to their self-devised standards, they think they are in the right. How shocked they will be when they learn that only those were in the right, who lived up to the standard set by God!

Man is living in a fool’s paradise of his own making, but the resurrection will shatter all his dreams. Then, only those who take refuge in God’s mercy will be saved.


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