A word of appreciation, a world of difference

A word of appreciation, a world of difference

It is good not to expect appreciation for all that we do. But surely, nothing stops us from expressing our appreciation for others.

Learn to express your appreciation. It is not enough to think that someone is being kind and good; a kind word unsaid is a kind thought wasted. Go up to people, reach out to praise them, thank them, appreciate them for what they have done and you will really make a difference!

I knew a young man who came from a wealthy family of successful businessmen. Unfortunately for him, being born with the proverbial silver spoon did not do him much good emotionally. His parents were convinced that the only way to make him achieve success was to criticise him constantly. He had to learn! He had to avoid making mistakes! He needed to be told what was wrong with him. Life was tough. It was a big, bad world out there and he had to be aware that there was a rat race which he had to win at all costs. And so they constantly criticised him; they found fault with everything he did. He had to get better! He had to try harder! His efforts were not good enough for them, no matter how hard he tried!

The young man did succeed. He too became a successful wealthy entrepreneur, just like his father. But he was not a happy man. He regarded his work as a severe drudgery; he was always conscious of the mistakes he made; he was constantly depressed; he undervalued himself. He was scarred for life because he had failed to receive appreciation when he needed it!

All of us need to bask in the warmth of appreciation every now and then. Otherwise, our self-respect becomes endangered.

A young man who was about to begin his career was told by his father, “You must learn to give your best with or without appreciation. Don’t let the quality of your work suffer because others do not praise you.”

Sound words indeed. It is good not to expect appreciation for all that we do. But surely, nothing stops us from expressing our appreciation for others! Now for example, if the young man’s bosses had been told, “Don’t be content with just paying your workers salary. Encourage them with your words of appreciation whenever possible!” What a world of difference it would have made to the young man’s work!

Every now and then, all of us need to hear someone say the same to us, “I think you are wonderful!” And we need to say this to our friends, our colleagues and co-workers, our parents, spouses and children.

Why don’t you utter these magic words of appreciation to someone today?

Encouragement is activated by expressing appreciation. It is not enough to think how good someone is. We have got to tell them what we feel. After all, people cannot read our minds! We must not be like the young man who says to his wife, “Honey, when I sit down and think about how much you mean to me, I can hardly keep myself from telling you so!”

Silent appreciation is of no use to anyone! Don’t keep it to yourself! As Dale Carnegie tells us: “Three-fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for appreciation. Give it to them and they will love you!” Indeed, appreciative words are the greatest incentive for doing good work.




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