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Be at peace with yourself

"Be a follower, be an imitator, and you will lose all peace of your being, because you will be trying to be somebody else, which you can never be," says Osho.

When a woman gives birth to a child, we say she is in labour. That’s exactly the meaning of the word “labour.” A Van Gogh knows what labour is, a Michelangelo knows what labour is, a Dostoevsky knows what labour is. Labour means giving birth to something, sharing with existence by creating something.

The only way to worship God is to be a creator in some way, whatsoever you can create. You can create a garden, you can create a statue, you can paint, you can compose a song, you can play upon the guitar or the flute, or you can dance. Whatsoever you can contribute, be a creator. To be creative is the only real prayer; all other prayers are just empty rituals. If God is the creator, then the only way to know God is to be creative. That is the only way to participate with him, to be a participant in his life, in his work, in his being.

Here my sannyasins are taught only one prayer: that of being creative. If you can act, be an actor. If you can design clothes, design clothes. If you can do some woodwork, do woodwork. If you are a jeweller, be a jeweller.

Ordinarily, we call the creative person the inspired person—that is not right—we should call him the aspired person. Inspiration means taking something in; when you breathe in it is an inspiration. When you breathe out, it is an aspiration. Inspiration means taking in; aspiration means sharing, giving out. Aspiration simply means exactly what the word “education” means: bringing something out—the flower out of the seed, the water out of the well—making the potential actual.

But be a follower, be an imitator, and you will lose all peace of your being because you will be trying to be somebody else, which you can never be.

Because for thousands of years you have been told that inspiration is good, you go on following others. You become inspired by Christ; then you become a Christian, an imitator. You become inspired by Buddha; then you become a Buddhist, something pseudo. A Buddha is beautiful, a Buddhist is ugly. A Krishna has tremendous beauty; but the Hindu is just a fanatic. Don’t be inspired by anybody because by inspiration you will become only a follower.

Become a fire with aspiration, with the joy of creation. Then you will know that there is pain in giving birth, but there is immense ecstasy too. And because of the ecstasy, the pain of giving birth is transformed into a sweet pain. Then even thorns are beautiful because they come with roses. Then even nights are luminous because they are part of the days. Then darkness is beautiful, velvety, because light cannot exist without it. Then all is acceptable; then nothing is rejected. In that total acceptance, one can live peacefully at the centre.

Then it becomes very easy to be always at peace. If you are at peace with existence, if you are at peace with yourself, then nothing can disturb you, nothing can distract you. Then you remain centred, rooted, grounded in your being. Even in the marketplace where it is all noisy and all confusion, you remain clear.

But be a follower, be an imitator, and you will lose all peace of your being, because you will be trying to be somebody else, which you can never be. You can never succeed in being somebody else. Hence, you will remain in anguish and you will remain in confusion; and you will remain split, you will remain schizophrenic. You will go from insanity to more insanity. Your life will become a hell.

I would like nobody to be a follower, an imitator. My sannyasins are not my followers, they are my friends—lovers but not followers. They are not inspired by me, but they learn aspiration. They are not to function like me, they are not to be like me; they have to be themselves. I teach them freedom, not following. I teach them individuality, uniqueness, not imitation. Hence, they are at peace.

Abridged from Guida Spirituale by Osho

Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life.




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