How to Remember the Contribution and Guidance of People at Work

Don’t forget those who got you the job!

Make a list of people who have helped and been instrumental in shaping your life and career, says Chanakya. Gratitude expands good fortune.

Of all the places, it’s in the office where most people will concede that their success has come about due to the contribution and guidance of various people.

Now it’s our duty never to forget even the smallest help given. Even the world’s first management guru – Chanakya – says the same,

“He should gratify, according to his power to help, one who has helped him” (7.16.17)

But let’s face it – the human mind is very unstable and we generally forget people and the things they have done in the long run. And with today’s fast-changing world where there’s hardly any time, it is even more difficult to remember.

Practice these suggestions,

  1. Write it down

Make a list of people who have helped and have been instrumental in shaping your life and career. Your first boss, the placement agency, the friend whom you always call up for any professional help you need – all of them. Treat this list as one of the most important documents of your life. Keep adding names as more people help you. 

  1. Make an effort to call

When making the list, don’t forget to add their contact details. Special dates in their lives would be a good addition too. These will give you a good reason to give a call and wish them on special occasions. If not all, just one call a year on their birthdays would be enough.

  1. Give a gift

Chanakya, in his book Arthashastra, says that gift is the most powerful medium to influence anyone. Do not even waste time thinking about this! However, you need not go out of the way to buy an expensive gift. As given in the verse above – “according to his power” – buy in your capacity. 

  1. Be ready to help

Most of the above may even look superficial. But helping out, especially when needed, is the most valuable thing you could do. The HR head of company put it beautifully, when he said, “Always help others to get jobs – you never know when you would require one”




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