free the divine light

Experience the divine light within you

Rishis have described the human heart as a cave. Deep inside is a light that shines brightly, says Dada JP Vaswani.

What is the purpose of human birth? To set free the divine light which is mysteriously present in each one of us, but which is veiled within many veils!

Sadhu Vaswani said, “There is a kingdom set in your hearts. A solar system is in an atom. A more wonderful world is within you—a kingdom of the spirit. Not a kingdom of power and possessions, but one more real. How many responds to the claims of this kingdom?

In every heart, there is a point of light shining. It is the light divine. You can see it only when you turn within.

Gurudev has written a beautiful book, titled, In the Veil of Dawn. This book is a gold mine of wisdom. It describes the light glowing in the interior of the heart.

Rishis of ancient India have described the human heart as a cave; deep inside is this light which shines brightly. It is a point of light within. The light is beautiful to behold.

Man is ever in search of inner peace he is in search of his light. He climbs mountains, he trudges over deserts, he travels to the poles to catch a glimpse of northern or southern lights; but all that is in vain. What he needs to do is turn within. Enter the cave, the dark deep cave of your heart, and behold! The bright point of light, magical, eternal, and overwhelming, fills you with its radiance.

You may commit many sins; you may live a life which is evil and de-humanising. All that is outside the range of light. The dark evil doings are on the surface of life. All this evil can never, ever extinguish this light, for it is eternal. The day this light pierces the darkness of the heart and glows with its unique inner radiance, you will receive answers to your many questions. Once you have its vision, you will know your true identity. You will know the reason why you are here. You will know the purpose of your life. You will clearly see the goal and the path you must walk to attain it.




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