Story: Dеstructivе Impact of Falsе Pridе

False pride

In the present world, you can achieve everything only by accepting reality. Here, nothing is more worthless than false pride. Nothing is more destructive than the mentality of false pride.

This is the story of a man whose grandfather was a successful businessman, but who later lost his business. His parents died during his childhood. He did not inherit any wealth from his father or grandfather. All he inherited was the feeling that his father and grandfather had been wealthy people. When he came to know that the post of clerk was vacant in the town’s government office, he applied for it and got the job. However, his relatives advised him to continue his education till matric at least, as he had studied only up to middle school. After that, he could qualify for a senior post in the same office. Besides, he had also inherited some agricultural land the income from which would be sufficient to fulfil all his needs. But his feeling of false pride hindered him from following anybody’s advice. Moreover, in his false pride, he often quarreled with his colleagues. One day he even argued with a senior officer and resigned from his job.

After resigning he remained unemployed. Neither did he take up another job, nor did he continue his education. His only priority was to talk about his false pride and receive a false sense of satisfaction. After his resignation, he met his necessities from the income of his agricultural land. With the passage of time, he became the father of six children. Now his circumstances were very worrying. However, his feeling of false pride again stood in the way of acknowledging his own fault in this. He held his relatives responsible for his failure. But this unrealistic attitude not only worsened his ruination, but he became chronically ill.

The present world is a world of realities. Here you can achieve everything by coming to terms with the reality. In this world of God, nothing is more worthless than false pride. Here nothing is more destructive than the mentality of false pride.

Source: The Secret of Success




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