Giving emotional comfort

Giving emotional comfort

"With understanding and empathy, let us shift from asking to giving." - Sister Shivani

Throughout our life we serve the people we know and even the people we don’t know, because giving and serving are our inherent qualities. Not everyone may afford giving physical comfort, but there is no limit to the emotional comfort we all can give. The world is looking for forgiveness, happiness and love today. Are we ready to serve them?

We meet people who can let go of past bitterness and forgive others, as if nothing happened. They understand that pain is their own creation, their own response. There are also people cannot let go. They say, “I will never forgive or forget what he did.” Such people relive unpleasant memories for a lifetime, so much that it hurts their health and relationships deeply. We need to check the futility and the self-inflicted damage caused by holding on to grudges, pain or resentment.

Someone asked a coconut trader, “Could you please lend me a few coconuts for a day? I will return them to you in the evening.” The shop keeper replied, “I can sell coconuts to you at a lower rate if you wish, but I cannot lend them to you.” The trader needed the coconuts only for decoration for a function, but the shopkeeper refused.

We often behave like the shopkeeper, indulging in trade in relationships. We want something in return for everything we give. Love in return of love, happiness in return of happiness. When the other person cannot return, we feel hurt. That hurt blocks our comforting energy for them.

Another energy we commonly radiate to people is of seeking. We find ourselves literally pleading for peace, love and respect at times. People with different sanskars, different situations and different priorities cannot always provide what we need. With understanding and empathy, let us shift from asking to giving.

By Sister BK Shivani




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