How to make self-progress in life

How to make self-progress in life

I have also been working on seeing the self and everyone as a soul. When you look at the soul and not the body, this is a way of giving respect.

I always keep in my awareness that as an ambassador of peace, I am an important person and since I am studying for a degree in becoming a deity, I will accumulate marks in this birth towards that, so every action and mistake is important. Your position or role in life does not matter, what matters is having a pure heart.

I have spent the past few weeks working on my mental habits and improving my interactions with others. I have had a few karmic returns recently which have made me think more deeply about my personality traits or as we call in the Brahma Kumaris “sanskars”. This is helping to bring me closer to God.

I have been learning to let go of my expectations within the family. This has helped me to increase my self-respect and focus on what I am doing and thinking instead of looking at others.

I have also been working on seeing the self and everyone as a soul. When you look at the soul and not the body, this is a way of giving respect. I have kept the aim of becoming perfect every day in every action. This has helped me to be introverted and stop blaming others. Being introverted always brings happiness.

Spending more time going into silence brings us a lot of power and gives us more impact when we come into words. It saves our energy and can help free us from bondage of the mind.

We can easily connect to the One when we are connected with the self. I have been working on this and connecting with my main speciality. I have definitely found that this helps me to remember God in the right way.

Self-discipline is also something which can help you make progress. Being organised, reliable and accurate will get you blessings from God and the world as it helps towards making you trustworthy and faithful.

The main way to make progress is to remember God for long periods of time and to keep steering your mind back to the awareness of God whenever the mind wanders. That way you will get help from Him. This will also help you to be detached from other human souls and so you will not make careless errors due to attachment. It also means you can become more powerful and you can get power from the highest source to create a life of meaning and purpose.

Use positive affirmations to uplift yourself. I use positive affirmations such as:

I’m a peaceful soul.

I’m a child of God.

I definitely will achieve my aim.

What’s in the way is the way.

My obstacles are for my benefit and progress and strengthen me.

All souls I meet are angels.




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