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Inspiring 3-word mantras to help you stay happy and positive

Sometimes, a few powerful words can encourage you and help get you through just about any situation life throws your way.

Life can be a truly unpredictable journey. One day you’re fine and the next day you may be faced with odds that you didn’t see coming. Even as you grapple with challenges of your own, seeing your loved ones in pain, hearing about friends losing their jobs, or even the constant negative news on social media can throw you off-balance. During such times, keeping your head up and staying positive can become really difficult. But the only way to move forward is to hold the fort and believe that things will get better. Having a positive attitude, no matter how hard it seems, is the answer to most of life’s woes. A simple step in that direction is by having a go-to mantra or power phrase that resonates with you.

These simple but powerful words, when repeated as affirmations on a regular basis won’t just improve your mood but also trigger positive reactions in your body to make you feel happier. Whatever situations you find yourself in, these uplifting words will be a constant reminder that everything will be okay.

Here are a few inspiring 3-word mantras to encourage you and help you get through just about any situation life throws your way.

Hope trumps all

No matter how powerful, confident or strong we are, when tough times viciously force their might on us, we tend to crumble. As mighty as we may feel one day, we can feel just as lost and scared the next. During such times, if you hold on to hope, it can help you make sense of the situation without becoming overwhelmed. And with time, you’ll find the strength to move forward, just like Andy Dufresne did in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption. In his letter to Red, he wrote, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

All is well

There are good days, and then there are days when nothing feels right. It may seem like your life is not in your control, which can make you frustrated, sad, and at times, even angry. In these challenging situations, keeping a positive mindset is the best thing you can do for yourself and others around you. This is where the mantra ‘all is well’ can help you. It is a belief that things will work out despite all odds. Repeating it to yourself in stressful times will allow you to control your emotions, stay positive and find solutions to the problems at hand.

Health is wealth              

At no time in our lives has this mantra proven more correct than during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have learned a lot about just how precious life is and the value of keeping ourselves healthy. At this point, each of us knows someone who has contracted the virus. It is painfully clear that if we don’t prioritise our health, we are at major risk too. Focussing on our health can help us make effective lifestyle choices so that we can build our physical resilience and stay safe.

Let it go

The pandemic has impacted our lives in myriad ways. Most of us have experienced some kind of loss—be it in our personal or professional lives—that has caused us to feel a range of emotions including loneliness, anxiety, despair and grief. If you don’t find healthy ways to release your pent-up emotions from time to time, moving on would become nearly impossible. Not only can your negative emotions take a toll on your mental health, but also affect your physical wellbeing. Repeating this mantra can help you slowly let go of your negative emotions to make room for hope and positivity.

Learn something new

One of the best ways to stay happy and grow simultaneously is to keep challenging yourself to learn something new. Everyone has a mental list of things that want to learn or try out. It could be learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, trying adventure sports or any skill or hobby for that matter. Whatever it is, when you take the time and effort to learn something new, you’ll find joy in the process and evolve as a person.

Yes, you can

When Barack Obama said these powerful words, little did he know that it would become such a strong force of hope and change for an entire generation. This phrase instills the belief that no one but you are in charge of your destiny. So the next time you doubt your abilities, remind yourself that you can face every roadblock on your path and overcome adversity. This mantra will help dispel feelings of hopelessness and uncertainty so that you can embrace your strengths and use them to your advantage.


Can a positive attitude help in challenging times?

Yes, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial during tough times as it helps you navigate challenges and believe in better outcomes.

How can simple 3-word mantras improve mood and reactions?

Repeating uplifting 3-word mantras regularly triggers positive responses in your body, improving your mood and overall well-being.

What does the mantra "Hope trumps all" emphasize?

This mantra highlights the importance of holding onto hope during difficult times, allowing you to find strength and move forward.

How does the mantra "All is well" help in challenging situations?

The mantra “All is well” promotes a positive mindset, enabling you to control emotions, stay positive, and find solutions despite challenging circumstances.


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