How to make students intelligent

How to make students intelligent?

Education can definitely lay foundations which can make man free. We do not want a disciplined man any more, we want a man who is rooted in freedom and intelligence.

Who does not love freedom? Who does not desire his own independent thinking and intelligence? But where the whole educational system is devised for enslaving man rather than securing his freedom, the situation is different. In that case, it is a real wonder that a few individuals are able to save themselves from being machines in spite of having passed through that educational structure meant for slavery. There is no greater achievement than that of saving one’s individuality even after passing through such educational structures.

Universities have become extremely inefficient in destroying the original geniuses. More emphasis is laid on discipline, only to take away the freedom of man. The lack of intelligence is being made up by discipline. If there is intelligence, discipline is born by itself in the life of a person. It is not necessary to learn discipline; it comes of its own accord.

But where intelligence is not encouraged, one has to depend on the imposed discipline. Such discipline is bound to be false because it is not arising from within one’s own self and because its roots are not there in one’s own intelligence. The conscience of the individual is always smouldering from within in opposition to imposed discipline. As a reaction to such a discipline, licentiousness is born. Licentiousness is always a reaction to slavery. It is the unavoidable echo of slavery.

Consciousness full of freedom can never be licentious. If a man is to be saved from the disease of licentiousness, his soul must receive the atmosphere of total freedom. However, we know only two alternatives either slavery or licentiousness. We have not yet become ready for freedom.

Discipline imposed by others is also slavery. This kind of discipline is falling apart everywhere, and this has created anxiety. This sort of discipline is bound to fall apart and it should fall apart; reasons supporting its existence are wrong. Its death is hidden within it. This discipline is hiding suppressed chaos within it. And whatsoever is suppressed forcefully is bound to explode one day.

Such a discipline, while it exists, takes away the bliss and naturalness of man’s consciousness, and when it falls apart it leaves the person as a ruin. Discipline imposed from the outside is never in the interest of any man.

Education should be free of the outside imposition of discipline; it should awaken the dormant intelligence of individuals. Such intelligence becomes self-discipline. In such a life there is neither suppression nor heaviness. Such a life is simple and natural like flowers. When life is progressing in the light of one’s own intelligence, there is no possibility of chaos and licentiousness. Where there is no suppression, there is no possibility of an explosion of chaos and licentiousness.

Education can definitely lay foundations that can make man free. We do not want a disciplined man anymore, we want a man who is rooted in freedom and intelligence. In him there is hope and there is a future.

A disciplined person is bound to be rigid. The more rigid he is, the more disciplined he will be. You see how disciplined machines are! Intelligence cannot always say yes; it should also know how to say no.

It is only because of such education that war, violence and all sorts of stupidities have been going on in the world, and they still continue.

Abridged from Revoulution in education by Osho


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