divine energy flowing

Ignore the divine no more

"We devote our energy to worldly pursuits, while ignoring the divine self that abides in us," says Dada JP Vaswani.

Sadhana at its simplest: it is to remember God—not once a day, not occasionally, not when you have a little free time—but to live and move in His presence, and feel His divine energy flowing through you!

But we devote our energy to worldly pursuits—seeking more power, seeking more pleasure, coveting worldly goods, yearning for bigger houses, bigger and faster cars, acquiring more wealth and influence—while we ignore the divine self that abides in us.

The Lord assures us in the Bhagavad Gita, that He will meet us on whatever path we choose to go to Him. This should be enough to assure us that there are no hard and fast prescriptions about the way to reach God, to attain liberation. In fact, I would say that there are as many paths to self-realisation as there are the souls of men. The Gita points us towards three prominent paths. They are: Gnana Yoga; Karma Yoga; Bhakti Yoga. Or, to put it even more simply, the first way is the way of self-enquiry, the second is the way of selfless service, and the third is the way of self-surrender.

However, it is advisable that each one of us should find out for ourselves, the path that suits us best. In this, as in many other aspects, the Hindu way of life gives us the kind of freedom that is rare in ancient religions.

I urge you, I earnestly beseech you, be aware that every breath of life is precious! Spend every moment, every minute in the consciousness that life is a gift from God. It is only through the human birth that we can achieve self-realisation, and return to God, to abide forever in moksha, our ultimate liberation.




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