essential to spiritual progress

Inner balance for spiritual progress

"Withdraw into silence and try to regain the inner calm." - Dada JP Vaswani

Do the poor come and tell you things which you know are far from the truth, if only to knock out some money? Do not be disturbed nor be angry even in your thoughts. More precious than all the wealth of kings is your inner calm: see that you retain it at all costs.

In all situations of life, keep calm. The inner balance is essential to spiritual progress. Harmonious living is more important than doing deeds of service. If in the midst of your daily work something happens to agitate your mind. Even for a brief moment, stop immediately. Withdraw into silence and try to regain the inner calm. It is enough if throughout the whole day you practice only this sadhana—that of calling yourself back to serenity the moment you are in danger of losing it. God dwells in a house where there is harmony. Every thought, every feeling, which does not vibrate love, clouds the golden face of reality and takes us away, far away from the lotus feet of the Lord.


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