Kill the animal yourself

Kill no more

"No nation can be free, until its animals are free. The world cannot be at peace until all forms of exploitation cease!" - Dada JP Vaswani

Many people continue to believe that God created animals to provide food for man. If this is indeed so, why should animals scream and howl in pain when they are slaughtered? Perhaps you will argue that they have not read the scriptures!

A holy man I know tells his disciples who still want to eat meat, “Fine! But don’t buy the meat. Kill the animal yourself and eat him.” Many of us continue to eat flesh only because someone else does all the killing and the bloodshed, and the meat is brought, beautifully prepared to our table.

Do you know how animals are tortured before they are slaughtered? I suggest you watch the video titled, ‘Meet your meat’ which is widely available on the Internet. Let me warn you: it is horrifying! Just to get the momentary pleasure of taste, just to indulge the palate, people turn a blind eye to the cruel slaughter of innocent creatures’ day after day and only focus on devouring their flesh.

The phrase ‘sanctity of life’ embraces concepts of religion, ethics, morality, and law. It is based on the idea that all life is sacred, and the right to life of every creature is inviolable. This also implies that all life is to be protected and all attempts to violate or endanger the life of any sentient creature amount to a violation of the sanctity of God’s creation.

Of course, man is the crown of the creation, the undisputed sovereign of planet earth. Of course, human rights is a worthy cause, and human life is precious. But the stand taken by animal rights activists and humble advocates of the ideal of reverence for all life like myself is this: we object to the arbitrary discrimination that non-human lives are expendable and can be freely sacrificed to satisfy the human palate; we think it morally and ethically wrong to inflict needless pain and suffering on dumb and defenceless creatures just because they do not belong to our human species! Our understanding of the sanctity of life teaches us that oppression and exploitation must end wherever they are allowed to occur.

“No nation can be free, until its animals are free. The world cannot be at peace until all forms of exploitation cease!”

I believe that he who kills another kills his own spirit! He who feeds on death, himself becomes food for death. He who inflicts suffering upon another brings suffering upon himself. Such is the law.

Every bit of flesh you tear, you will be called upon to repair with your own flesh! Every limb you mutilate, you will be compelled to replace with your own limb! And every bone you break, or cause to be broken for your need, you will be asked to mend with your own bones!

In the words of Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani, “No nation can be free, until its animals are free. The world cannot be at peace until all forms of exploitation cease!”

It is said that the universal law common to all religions is the golden rule: do as you would be done by. I feel there is one other golden rule which is even more basic than this. It is the fundamental law of humanity: Live and let live.

Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani expressed this idea in the mystic, poetic way that was so characteristic of him, “For me, not to love bird and beast would be not to love the Lord!” An angel of compassion and sensitivity, he was nevertheless forthright in condemning animal slaughter. “O, the sin of daily slaughter in our heartless cities!” he exclaimed, more in sorrow than in anger, adding words that will continue to touch the conscience of humanity for generations to come: “Believe me, meat-eating will one day be condemned as murder!”


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