Know Ye, Thou Art A Child of God

Know ye, thou art a child of God

The child of God does not take life “seriously”. He understands that all that happens is but a play of the Mother divine.

Of Jesus it is related that pointing to a procession of ants, he said to his disciples, “Ye of little faith! Look at the ants, who gives them their daily food?” And one of the disciples said, “Master! They need so little!”

“Then look at the birds!” said Jesus. “They toil not nor do they save for the morrow. Yet they get their daily food and are happy!”

And the disciple said, “Master! Birds have wings with which they fly and pluck fruits from trees!”

“And what about the wild beasts?” Jesus asked. “How fat they are! They have no wings. Yet they too, get their daily food!”

The child of God does not take life “seriously”. He understands that all that happens is but a play of the Mother divine. He becomes the Mother’s playmate, accepting all that comes to him cheerfully, meeting all situations merrily. He does not prepare in advance. He does not make any plans. He, but lives as a child of the Mother and he knows that in the measure in which he becomes a willing tool in the hands of the Mother, the great plan will be revealed to him. So he claims nothing; he asks nothing; he seeks nothing; he plans nothing; he becomes a channel for the divine plan to flow through. To such a one, death loses its terror and defeat and despair tastes sweet. In pleasure and pain, in loss and gain, he gives gratitude to God.

The child of the Mother rejoices in the darkest hours of life and becomes a bearer of the torch to many. He seeks no honour for himself, but readily gives it to others. He flatters no one and he fears no one. He feels happy in occupying the lowest place, in doing the meanest task. He feels no responsibility and he seeks no reward. But in the depths of darkness, when not a star doth shine, he lifts up his tear-touched eyes and beholds the sweet smile on the Mother’s face and hears her still, small voice say, “Well done, my child! I, thy Mother, am not afar! I am with thee, within thee!”




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