Language of the Unknown Paradise

Birds sing in a language unknown to us, yet their melodies touch ourhearts and connectus to an unseen paradise. By listening to their songs, wecan find solace and connection to God.

I have loved to listen to the singing of birds, from the beginning of my days. When I was a boy, I often visited a lake near my house. I loved to see a bird or two flying from tree to tree, moving East to West. In the silence of that hour — for that lake was visited by hardly one or two — I gazed at the birds, gazed and gazed. I wondered how they sang so sweetly, yet in a language I could not understand! Ever since, I have loved to listen to the songs of the birds.

And one of my dreams was to dwell in a garden house, where birds would freely come and sing, pouring their notes in joy. Even now I love to listen to the singing of birds, as they sit on branches of yon tree, near the very room in which I work and sleep.

Why do I love to listen to the songs of the birds, though I know not their language? I often wonder where lies the link between me and the bird? It knows no spoken language, but it seems to speak to me the language of an unknown paradise. The language speaks to my heart and, listening to the song of bulbul or cuckoo, I have, from time to time, shed tears and lifted up my heart to Him, who is the Father of life — of man and bird and beast.

Be kind, then, to the birds. Pelt not stones at them. They, like all brothers and sisters of human kind, are children of the One Divine Father.




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