Embrace Your Higher Purpose: Be a Human Being, Not Just a Human Doing | Brahma Kumaris

Let’s be human beings, not human doings

By focusing on our inner selves and making positive changes, we can create a ripple effect of positivity and contribute to a more harmonious world.

We are all special angels in this world born for a higher purpose. Have you ever wondered that apart from living a life from morning to night, full of actions like dressing up in the morning, going to work, cooking meals and going off to sleep at the end of the day, we also have a higher purpose in this lifetime? Take for e.g. a machine in your home like an air conditioner. It runs when we put it on and shuts down when we instruct it to. When it is not running, it remains idle without ever thinking that it could do something else. Does it have a higher purpose? No. Then one day comes when we discard it forever and it is abandoned. We all are human beings first and not human doings only. Human doings work from morning to night, performing different actions, without a higher purpose. Human beings have a higher purpose to look after the being while – performing actions necessary for life. So, let us not be like a machine from today. When we step into our workplace or when we look after our home, family and friends, let us think and be aware that one day we will leave this body and take nothing with us. No financial success, professional achievement, beautiful relationship and looks and outer personality will go with you, when you are no longer in this physical costume or body. So, pause for a minute this moment and look inwards. I love my son or daughter or husband or wife but one day they will no longer be with me, when I leave this physical costume. For me, the purpose of my life may be looking after them. But my higher purpose is looking after my inner self, my, my inner being, which I sanskaras will carry with me. So take an affirmation every morning – I choose to beautify my inner self throughout the day and give happiness to everyone I meet. I choose to be good at work but also work on my actions, which makes me receive blessings from everyone. Also, I choose to be a mirror of goodness for everyone, in whom people will see positivity and be inspired to become better human beings. Why? Because you are special, a special human being and not an ordinary human doing! Whenever you begin the day, look at everything and everyone around you and realize deeply that my education, my professional qualifications, my wealth and my role – all this and much more is not really mine. This is because you are a being full of peace, love and happiness, which is non-physical, first. And, all this expanse of physical belongings, people, close relationships and everything else, even your physical body – all of this, you have acquired later. The non-physical is controlling and running the physical. The non-physical is eternal and the physical is limited to this lifetime only. Happiness is the primary quality that we are looking for. Also, we are looking for peace and love. As long as your consciousness is centred around the physical, all these three emotions will not be experienced by you permanently and forever. They will come and go. This is because everything physical is transient or changeable. One day your relationships are good and on another day there is a lack of co-operation and you feel less loved. 

Sometimes, everything is going smooth at the workplace and on another there is a pressure of incomplete tasks and deadlines which make you feel restless. Also, at times your physical costume or body is healthy and running well and suddenly an illness arises and you lose your inner contentment and feeling of wellness. So, life is about twists and turns. When your consciousness is focused on your inner being, you are peaceful, loving and happy at all times. This is because the foundation of your peace, love and happiness is not transient or changeable. Also, by looking at the eternal and inner self as the basis of your existence, you will not be affected by the situations outside. They will come and go and you will remain stable, because you are a source of peace, love and happiness and you will fill every situation of your life with them. The situations are no longer your source for them and you are no longer dependent on them to remain full of peace, love and happiness. A life full of inner happiness and contentment is only possible when everything you do is based on your real spiritual self. Suppose you have an important exam in school and you are preparing for it with complete honesty and sincerity. Taking the exam is an important challenge for you but despite all your hard work you do not fare well in the exam. In such a case, we might feel unhappy but have we ever wondered that an external situation like this may be positive or negative. But do we allow our mind’s thoughts, feelings and emotions to be governed by them or to be controlled by them. Also, do remember that your life’s purpose is not only to earn wealth, play roles of different types, look after your family and children and excel in exams and get good degrees. No person in this world has everything going his way at all times in these different spheres of life. So a sole purpose based on things that may or may not go our way can be tiring and full of broken happiness, which goes and comes from time to time. When we have a higher purpose of redefining our thinking and modifying our feelings into better ones, our little world around us – our family and then the little bigger world around us – our workplace and then the even bigger world – our society followed by our country and then the complete world will begin to change. If we had the complete human race acquiring a higher purpose before short term purposes of eating and feeding, earning and breeding, gaining and producing, then all these things outside us would be full of accuracy and beauty. So, take a step forward today and start living like special human beings who love the being before the doing. This will create little worlds of happiness, full of peace and love around you … the little heavens, which will create a beautiful paradise in the whole world.




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