My Journеy: Rajyoga Mеditation & Pеrsonal Transformation

My journey with rajyoga meditation

Rajyoga meditation can help you increase your confidence, mental strength and improve relationships.

My nature was always quiet and introvert right from my childhood. I was not confident in speaking and sharing my feelings with others. Being an introvert person, I always used to get hurt very easily and would carry that hurt for many months and years. Starting of my journey with Brahma Kumaris was very unique. Rather I never expected that my life would take a U-Turn, that is, turn towards positivity and get connected to the Supreme Soul. It was during the lockdown period I seriously restarted my PhD program which was kept pending due to hectic schedule. There was a formal online meeting arranged for the PhD scholars. Every candidate was introduced to their respective guides. I saw BK Dr. E.V. Swaminathan in the guide panel and immediately a thought came that it would be wonderful if he becomes my guide. Soon it was announced that BK Swaminathan would be my guide. It was a great moment for me. Here my transformation journey starts. I always had affinity towards spirituality. Right from a very young age I was reading spiritual books. It was in 2005 when I started watching Sister Shivani on Aastha Channel. I never turned back from then. Regularly I was listening to her which gave me mental strength and courage. But still I was a very sensitive person. 

Now that a BK brother entered my life as my PhD Guide, I was constantly in touch with him listening to his talks and motivational sessions. My PhD online program was going on in a full swing. My topic was “Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes”. After 2 months my guide said that let us introduce Rajyoga Meditation and daily Murli and then we can see the overall changes in the participants. For understanding Rajyoga Meditation and Murli we had to undergo the 7 days course which was taken by Divine Sister Sapna from ORC Delhi. Soon I started getting so much of interest in the study of BK philosophy and started putting my full efforts to understand the Murli. I understood that I am moving in the right path. I could understand the change that I was undergoing. I was a better person now, more confident with great mental strength. My personal and professional relationship started becoming better. Soon I started understanding how to get connected to the Supreme Soul and get those powers from Him. Within One year I could observe the positive change in me. Now I am following all the rules like practicing Amritvela meditation, pause every one hour, listening to Murli daily, eating food which is cooked Saatvik in the remembrance of Baba, and going to the centre and so on. I went to Mount Abu and stayed there for 3 days. Then visited Delhi ORC and got an opportunity to meet Sister Shivani. I received my PhD Award recently. But becoming a BK gave me more happiness than receiving the doctorate degree. Now, I would like to serve the society and seek blessings. I thank all divine BK brothers and sisters who motivated me to walk on the righteous path. And of course thankyou ShivBaba.




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