Faith Is The Spirit That Sustains Life

One wish…

A man of faith, I know, lives in stability and equanimity.

I would be often asked this question: What is the one gift that you would ask of God, if he were to appear before you and grant you a single boon?

Never mind what I would ask, if such a happy event were to befall you, I would strongly urge you to ask God for the great gift of faith!

Faith is the spirit that sustains life. Faith is the ray of sunshine that lights up the dark, deep caverns of the human heart. Faith is the elixir of the soul. Faith is the beautiful, fragrant flower that blooms even in the wilderness of despair and suffering. Faith is the one true source of support on which we can always rely in the rough and tough journey called life upon this earth. Faith is the sustenance for all human endeavours. It is the greatest blessing that God can bestow upon us!

A man may be affluent and possess enough material wealth to leave to successive future generations of his family; he may be in the enjoyment of “the boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,” as the poet puts it. But, let me tell you, if he lacks faith, his wealth and power are as nothing; indeed he is no better than a man afflicted with utter poverty – poverty of the spirit! On the other hand, a man may not possess much, he may be poor in the wealth of this world, but if he has faith in God, then he is indeed a fortunate soul, who lacks nothing. A man of faith, I know, lives in stability and equanimity.

May I give you the inspiring words of Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani:

Faith wins!

Believe, and the world’s opposition will wither, as withered the fig tree at Jesus’s word!

Faith wins!




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