religion is love

Religion is love

"Religion, which was meant to be a bond of union, has become a source of sectarian strife." - Sadhu TL Vaswani

A great Sufi writer says, knowledge: sometimes, there is “The ways of God are as many as the breaths of man.” And a text in the Gita expresses the same idea wonderfully well: “On that there is but one and full whatsoever path men and final revelation of the approach Me, on that, I go to meet them. For all the paths are Mine!”

Prophets of the race, in east and west, have glimpsed this great truth. And yet, there is conflict in the religious world.

Rivalry in religion, as it seems to me, is due to two things—want of knowledge and lack of sympathy. Sometimes, there is a lack of knowledge: sometimes, there is a lack of sympathy: and often, I think, there is a lack of both.

There are some who believe that there is but one and full and final revelation of the Spirit; so that those who stand outside the circle of their own faith must be necessarily be in error. Again, there are some who approach the religious problem in no spirit of sympathy. They fix their attention on certain aberrations and extravagances of a particular top religion and say, “Look here, this religion is a monstrosity!”

So it is that quarrels, discord and hatred, have entered the religious world. Religion, which was meant to be a bond of union, has become a source of sectarian strife.

India has survived the many shocks and changes of time, because I believe India is meant to be the standard-bearer of great message. I believe that India is meant, under the grace of God, to be an interpreter to the nations of a religion of reconciliation, religion of harmony. But India may not enter upon her world-mission if you and I will not strive to verify in everyday life the vision of harmony and love.

Religion is love! The highest force in life is love! Love is in truth the profoundest philosophy of life! For love is expansion of the self. The Lord of love is the inspirer of all religions. And the paths of all converge to a common centre.




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