Unlock Your Potential: A Guide to Self-Realization


The very attitude of inquiry will eventually draw the answer out of the depths of our own being.

Self-enquiry is the simplest and direct method of self-realization. First and foremost, what arises in our mind is ‘I’. It is only after the birth of this that another thought can arise at all. Therefore, the seeker desirous of attaining ‘knowledge’ must constantly ask, ‘who am I’? To answer this, we need to ask the following to ourselves: 1) Is it necessary to renounce the world and move to secluded jungles or mountains to realize the truth? 2) What method should be pursued to attain self-realization? The answers are as follows: 1) someone may be in the thick of the world and yet maintain perfect equanimity. Such a person is always in solitude. Another person may stay in the Jungle or mountain top, but still be unable to keep the mind calm. Such a person cannot be said to be in solitude. Solitude, thus, is an attitude of the mind. A detached man is always in solitude. Practicing Rajayoga meditation for an hour or two daily fills spiritual current in the mind. If the seeker performs his worldly activities in a meditative state, then the efficiency and output would be very high. Thus, while the seeker is engaged in search of God ‘within’, the ‘outer’ worldly activities go on spontaneously. 2) The method is to be a true seeker of knowledge. Knowledge means both infinite and finite. The former relates to the higher dimensions of being, the latter to the changing phenomena. Finite liberates, whereas infinite binds to the spatial temporal world. Knowledge enlightens one about the true nature of existence. Seeking knowledge is not merely an intellectual pursuit, since its goal is to transcend the mind which is ‘limited in its vision’ and ‘rigid in its conceptions’. Integration of the self with divine consciousness is necessary.

Rajyoga Meditation makes us realize that neither we are the body nor the brain. The very attitude of inquiry will eventually draw the answer out of the depths of our own being. We will realize that we are the illuminating points of light, sitting on the forehead like a pure, divine, eternal and immortal energy. The mind is a major bundle of thoughts and has no concrete existence. Further, there can be no thoughts in the absence of the thinker. Through constant self-inquiry, when the seeker delves deep into the innermost recesses of his being, the ego gets dissolved and merges in pure consciousness. Which in turn make the seeker attain the exalted state of self-realization. The Bhagwad Gita, verse 8:15, states that the world is indeed an evanescent place of hardships and that social distress stems from the individual level with the mind at its source. The Gita further adds that the mind can be our best friend, and also it can be our worst enemy. According to the Brahma Kumari’s philosophy, there are three prominent vices that subsume the conditioned state. They are lust, anger and greed. Added to these are three more vices: pride, envy and illusion. All six can shroud the intelligence. When this happens, it should come as no surprise that people suffer both at the individual and collective levels. The formidable six vices become excited whenever they find the mind as the centre of  command, thus harnessing all available resources to satiate their demands. Daily (Godly Versions) of murli Shivbaba acts as a great source of illumination to come out of ignorance. It is said that for those endeavoring on the breakthrough path of self-discovery from the shadow-self, the divine lamp of transcendental wisdom kindles from within. Just as a nation’s capital is fortified by strong governance, similarly when divine wisdom draws upon consciousness, intelligence gets fortified, setting us free from the shadow of sanskars and the compulsiveness of the mind. It illuminates our true nature as a part of self-realization. We beam with love, selflessness and purity and cooperate with others harmoniously. It elevates us to the threshold of divine love and self-realization.




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