Setting the mind free

Setting the mind free: Receiving higher energies

"When the mind is open, and when there is the great desire to achieve something, then the channels for achieving it are opened," says Sri M.

We build great cities, great businesses, great medical discoveries—all this is possible because of imagination. Albert Einstein is on record saying that imagination is more important than even knowledge. Because the secret is, if you put your mind into an idea that you want to achieve, with complete visualisation as if it is actually there, and if you can do that constantly using a technique by which it can be done, then believe it or not, sooner or later, it becomes a reality.

There are exceptions where it doesn’t.  But, there are explanations why it doesn’t.  But that is a different matter. For the time being, let us think only of that which is happening and not that which doesn’t happen.

The secret of the visualisation—creative thought—is to actually believe and visualise picture details of what one wants, as if it is already there. When this is done, the subconscious mind carries it to the higher level, which we could, at the risk of criticism, call the super-conscious mind.

The super-conscious mind responds by giving ideas to the brain to do what it should be doing to achieve what it wants to achieve. So, it is an ascension of one’s plans to a higher sphere and it is a descent of—well, you could call it blessing, or you could call it energies to the ordinary mind—so that it achieves what it normally could not have achieved.

“When the mind is open, and when there is the great desire to achieve something, then the channels for achieving it are opened.”

For that, one has to first set free the mind from its conditioning, from its prejudices and one of the most important keys to this is to say or to affirm regularly that my knowledge or my understanding of any situation, including myself may not be perfect. May be, there are many more layers to it. Perhaps, there are more dimensions to it.  I can see only a few angles, but there are infinite angles.

To understand this, first the mind should be opened. When the mind is open, and when there is the great desire to achieve something, then the channels for achieving it are opened.

There is a descent of great energy that cleanses the mind and opens it up to receive what it has been asking for.

If you ask me, ‘Is there a technique to do it? I would say, first it is a question of attitude. Once the attitude is clear, then you have certain practices that help to free the mind from prejudice and open it up to receive higher energies, which are infinitely more creative than you think. I am going to describe one of them.

It need not be a religious practice; you can consider it merely as a mental exercise or a psychological technique.

First, for a few days, even if it is just two days, go away from your actual place of work or the place that you are accustomed to in your day-to-day affairs. Go to a new place—the more beautiful the place, the better. So, try to find a place where there are plenty of trees, where there are birds waking you up in the morning. Or, where there are beautiful mountains you can see from your window. Or the seashore, where you can hear the waves dashing against the banks, against the shore.

Go to a place like that.


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