Soul Worker

Soul worker

Soul work is an art; it’s a way to become whole again. It is only when we look inside using introversion or our ‘intro-vision’, that we are able to re-evaluate the activities of soul.

If one approaches life as an artist, considering all life experiences to be the tools one has been given with which to weave a perfect masterpiece, then life can be fun and creative, instead of a chore and a struggle. A soul worker is constantly striving for improvement and personal development. An artist combines a variety of elements to produce the most perfect outcome.

Take for example the florist; he arranges a variety of flowers to create an exquisite bouquet. The chef combines an assortment of ingredients to create the most sumptuous and Palatable feast. And the tailor takes fabrics of various colours and textures, cuts them and sews them into one piece again! Just as plastic surgeons take a scalpel to flesh and remodel it to create a more desirable result, why can’t we become makers of our destiny and create the life we desire or aspire to?

The greatest work of art has to be our ability to patch up the pieces of our broken hearts and make them whole again. Someone earlier may have cracked that heart, others walked off with pieces of it, and I lost some of those pieces along the way to people and places. For this I have to forgive, forget, let go, and continue bridging, building and forging relationships despite many hurts felt along the way.

Soul work is an art; it’s a way to become whole again. It is only when we look inside using introversion or our ‘intro-vision’, that we are able to re-evaluate the activities of the soul. We are then able to find other ways to view situations and to respond to them outside the patterns that we have built up that are more common to us. Working on any piece of art takes patience and perseverance. And one may revisit it several times before one is happy with the final result.

The final result might be obvious in our mind and vision, but matching the current reality with the end may seem a long way away. For that I need patience. Like tailoring, sculpting, designing and cooking, carving/engraving the soul is an art that can also take up a lifetime. And with the increase in negative events around the world that demand so much of my patience, tolerance, kindness and compassion, my speed of adaptation and personal growth has to correspond with the changing times. Those with an archaic mind-set may get left behind. Artists are always confronted with critics—some are genuine while others criticise out of spite and jealousy. Whatever the nature of the criticism, a soul worker always approaches it positively, taking what is relevant and discarding what is not.

Switch off the voice of self-doubt and amplify the voice of self-respect. Stay focused and in alignment with your vision. Most artists suffer from blocks of one kind or another that hinder their creativity. Here too, the greatest hitch/ obstacle has to be when the soul falls asleep to its greatness or worse, has amnesia; whereby the soul forgets how elegant and magnificent it once was. I cannot strive for that which I have not yet known or experienced. And so if the soul worker’s vision is a life of peace, happiness and abundance, then it’s because the soul has been there before. When something is beautiful, everyone takes a second look.

As most people can easily discern between the good and the bad, the best and the worst, they want the finest and are ready to pay the price for it. And so the soul worker too has a sharp eye that can distinguish between the beauty and the beast within. It then just needs the strength to conquer the beast and to allow the beauty to shine. It’s time… to take on your role of soul worker seriously, to look at the beauty within and to let it shine. Paint your life and begin to get creative; bring out the colours, the shine, and the imagination. Try to look at things from a different perspective and enjoy the drama of life around you. Let every scene and incident be the chisel and hammer that is defining and refining the beauty of the idol within, i.e., the soul.

By Aruna Ladva


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