strive on

Strive on

In the larger college of life, you will meet with many difficulties. In the face of them all stand strong, unafraid. Strive on!

Therefore, build up the body. If you will maintain youth, see that you keep the body pure and strong. To be young is to be healthy and radiant.

Take care, also, of the subconscious. The foundations of character are laid deep down in the subconscious. The conscious self is easily taken care of but there is the subconscious self. It does not come into the daylight, but operates in private hours and, at night, and in sleep. The subconscious shapes us more than many of us care to know. Have you seen a phonographic plate? On its disc, the singer makes a record.

The disc is so sensitive that it captures every note, every tune, even the gentle cough of the singer. And the phonograph reproduces everything registered by the sensitive disc. Such a disc is the subconscious. The conscious self reproduces at one time or another, what the subconscious registers. Therefore, be careful of even little thoughts, desires and suggestions. They sink in silently, almost imperceptibly, they rise to the surface under proper stimuli.

Strive on! In the larger college of life, you will meet with many difficulties. In the face of them, all stand strong, unafraid. Strive on! Faults, imperfections, lapses—let them not dishearten you strive on! “The joy of life,” Tennyson says, “is the steep ascent!”

Yesterday was my silence day and I spent a good portion of it, thinking of Buddha and going through a beautiful book recently published on “The Life of Buddha” by a French author. A moving account is given in this book of the passing of the Buddha. By him is Ananda, the St John of Buddhism, for Buddha loved Ananda tenderly. And Ananda says to the Master, “For many misdeeds, I wish to be forgiven!” And Ananda asks for the Master’s parting message. Then says the Buddha, “Do not grieve, Ananda, do not despair! Continue on the right path. Let dharma be your guide. Never cease to strive!”

What hope, what strength in these words of the Blessed One, “Never cease to strive!”

There, then, is the threefold gospel of rejuvenation (1) build up the body, (2) take care of the sub-conscious self, and (3) strive on. When the storm is raging and the might is starless and the darkness deepens and you feel that you are alone, alone in the struggle, alone in the fight for truth and right, say not even then that the struggle naught availeth, but strive on! In courage born of the consciousness that the law never fails, for the law is ever good and ever true, strive on!


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