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The message in the myth: Accept what comes your way

"We should happily accept whatever comes our way since it comes from God." - BK Mansa

Another myth that we find in the life of Hanuman is that ‘Hanuman could fly and reach any place and destination in no time.’ We have often seen Hanuman’s pictures in which we find him flying in the sky and most of us, being religiously inclined, believe that Hanuman did fly in the service of his Supreme Father, the God Rama. But we fail to realise that in our real life we have never ever seen any human being flying like that.

In fact, the true meaning of this myth is that a person who is devoted to the service of the Supreme and the one who treats himself as the instrument of the divine in each and every action that he performs, must feel light—as light things can fly while heavy things come down. In the service, and as an instrument of God, Hanuman was always ‘light’ and as such he could be free from any tension and anxiety. He dedicated each of his deeds to the divine and the responsibility lay with the divine, not with him.

He did not think of the consequences since everything done by him was on the command of the Supreme and for the Supreme. Naturally, in the scriptures, we have never found Hanuman worried about the outcome of any of his deeds since he believed that his Rama was always guiding him on that path.

I think in the present time of tension when man, despite all efforts, has failed to attain the desired peace and contentment. He should leave things and situations to the Supreme and let Him resolve all difficulties of personal life. Our job is to accept happily and wholeheartedly whatever comes our way since it comes from Him. Let us not pre-decide the quantum of happiness to be attained from a relationship or a situation.

BK Mansa


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