first myth is that ‘Hanuman

The message in the myth: Finding ‘Rama’ in the pearls

"Whatever may be our present-day attainment, we will never be able to achieve the true goals of our lives if there is no spirituality or devotion to the supreme," observes BK Mansa.

We come across a lot many myths when we go through any scripture, but we may not have bothered their deeper significance and have just accepted them as the material truth. If we consider their true worth as the value they create in our practical life, the myths become more real and meaningful. I am no authority on scriptures nor do I claim any specialisation in the study of literary symbolism yet I find quite inspiring symbolic meaning in many a myth that we have believed as the factual incidents.

I wish to discuss just two to three myths, though there are so many in this case, related to the life of the Ramayana’s prominent character Hanuman. The message conveyed is really very deep and relevant even in the present day life. The very first myth is that ‘Hanuman finds his Rama in the pearls of the necklace that Sita gave him.’ The story in the scripture goes like this:

After returning from their 14-year exile, the coronation of Rama takes place and at that time Sita is said to have given her personal necklace to Hanuman as a reward for his service and dedication to Rama.

“I am trying to find my Rama in the pearls, since anything that does not have Rama in it, is of no use to me.”

Hanuman takes the necklace and starts breaking each of the pearls to find something and when he fails to find the desired, he discards the pearl. This annoys Sita. Rama asks Hanuman what he was trying to find and why he was breaking the pearls and throwing them away one by one. Hanuman replies, “I am trying to find my Rama in the pearls, since anything that does not have Rama in it, is of no use to me.”

The message of this myth is more significant than just the incident. In our race for material comforts and luxuries we, the present day ‘learned and intelligent’ people, have forgotten God and hope to be happy and at peace without Him. Has life not become like the necklace which Sita gave to Hanuman? However precious the necklace, it fails to attract Hanuman. This means whatever be our present-day attainment, we shall not be able to attain the true goals of life if there is no spirituality or devotion to the Supreme.

BK Mansa

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