Three spiritual practices to connect with the divine - Sadhu Vaswani

Three disciplines to connect with God

What are the three disciplines that bind you to Lord and how do you integrate the pieces of your scattered life and build it.

I feel the need to integrate my scattered life. I feel to bind myself to the Lord! How? In what way am I to integrate and build my life? It is then that I lay down three disciplines-sadhanas- for myself.
The first discipline: Live in silence. Be away from the din and drone of this world. Build your life in silence.

At that time I was living in a small town. A few sisters and brothers had collected money and gave it to me. It totalled up to rupees three thousand. I handed over the money back to them with the words: Build a hall where men and women can sit in silence and meditate.

The municipality of that town granted them a free plot of land to build the hall for meditation. I further requested them to build a small wash room with a water tap inside the place. The house I lived in, did not have a water tap. If the hall had a wash room I could bathe in there. Till now I bathed and washed my clothes under the tap in the open. I prayed to Lord, that I may continue this life of simplicity.

The second discipline: Root your life in simplicity. What is a life of simplicity? I made certain rules for myself. One of the rules was, that I should wash my own clothes.

The third discipline: Naam – simran. I made it a habit to pick up a word or a phrase from the sacred scriptures and recite it continuously. “Tum Thakur, tum pe ardaasa,” is a phrase I love to recite. I also used to recite verses from Shah Abdul Latif and other Sufi saints. In this third discipline of naamkirtan, many amazing things happened. I received many insights into the invisible world. I hoped naamkirtan would show me the light, and will illuminate the path of spirituality. I often rebuked myself. Awake. Get out of this slumber. Time and again I have quoted Shah Abdul Latif’s saying, those who live in silence, ascend the peak.




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