Every youth has a calling, have you answered yours?

In a world full of distractions, discovering and working towards our true passion can seem daunting. However, we must take a deliberate step towards our own empowerment.

This world of ours is always buzzing with distractions. It is easy to go through life without pausing even once to uncover our true passion. While we find ourselves moving from one task to the next everyday, we rarely take the time to reflect on or even understand our inner desires.

Indeed, amidst distractions aplenty, the search for our true passion can seem daunting. However, the journey begins by making a conscious effort to reconnect with ourselves and our aspirations. By making time for reflection and an exploration of what interests us, the youth can identify what truly ignites the soul.

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated annually on July 15th. This day recognises the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment and sustainable livelihoods. Initiated by the United Nations, World Youth Skills Day aims to raise awareness about the significance and advantages of youth skills. This day seeks to bridge the gap between education and employment. On this special day, join us as we explore how to discover one’s true passion, upgrade our skills and put it to good work.

Distraction and how to step away from it 

In today’s digital age, distractions like social media dominate our daily lives and take up much of our time and attention. We are constantly scrolling through our social media feeds, looking at memes and videos, all the while losing sight of our true passion. The unnecessary pressure many of us feel, to keep up with entertainment and lives of people, when added to our everyday responsibilities, takes over our entire routine, cutting us from reflecting on or identifying our innermost desires.

To regain clarity, the first thing one must do is to deliberately step away from these distractions. Finding moments of quiet reflection daily is extremely important. These moments give us the chance to understand or reconnect with what truly inspires us and explore our passions. These moments urge us to action.

Cultivating self-awareness

Youth skill day

Instead of spending time on social media looking at information that you often do not require, spend your time by cultivating self-awareness—doing so allows you to gain deeper insight into your thoughts and emotions. When you engage in journaling, meditation or activities that promote mindfulness, it helps your mind reflect inwardly. And by observing your responses to experiences, you can discover a passion that reflects your most authentic self. So, self-awareness actually helps you discover your true passion and leads you to upgrade your skills consequently.

Embracing curiosity and exploration

Youth empowerment is all about allowing young people to explore different career paths by facilitating them with tools and expertise that are easily available in workshops, short courses, seminars and conferences held across the country. So, start by trying out new skills at a smaller level—attend a workshop or conference to learn more about a new idea that excites you. Each new experience you undertake in this manner can be a step towards discovering your true passion.

Let’s face it, many of us have settled into a routine, where we go through life without seeking new experiences. This can lead to a sense of stagnation, where our true passion towards work or career remains unexplored. However, embracing curiosity and exploring diverse interests, hobbies and activities in this way can open us to new possibilities.

Overcoming fear and resistance

Many of us hesitate to break away from our routines or head towards an entirely new journey that explores our passion. We fear that the new path might not lead to success and that we could end up feeling like we failed financially or creatively. At times like these, it is important to remember that fear and self-doubt act as barriers on our path to uncovering our true potential. These emotions give us a hundred reasons to not take a step ahead.

But it is exactly at this juncture that we must acknowledge and confront these challenges head-on. By motivating ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and taking logical and calculated risks, we can discover our passion.

Aligning passion with purpose, cutting the peer pressure

One thing that is here to stay is social media. Day in and day out, we’re bombarded with videos showcasing glamorous lifestyles and dreams pursued and lived, whether it’s travelling the globe, diving into photography or making waves in the fashion industry. Influencers on the internet look like they are living the life of their dreams, but it is essential not to let them influence our core thoughts. So, whenever we feel like our faith in our own skills is floundering, we must ask ourselves: What truly makes us happy? What are the skills we have that make us unique? How can we improve our own skills without adding pressure of other people’s success on ourselves? The answers might surprise us—perhaps it’s the quiet simplicity of farming or the joy of running a cosy guesthouse. Discovering our authentic selves, improving and enjoying the benefits of our own skill set is key in life. By staying true to ourselves, we can watch others succeed with a calm because we have a life that brings us joy as well.

Seeking inspiration from role models, mentors

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 4 million Americans quit their jobs from 2021 to 2022—this statistic highlights the desire for individuals to pursue work that aligns with their passions and values. Whether in the early phase of our careers or later in life, embracing our passion is a journey worth undertaking. So do not think it is too late; if there is a calling, we must answer it, even if it’s a gradual process.

To our benefit, there are numerous inspiring individuals, leaders and mentors in this world who can help us find our true passion. Drawing inspiration from such modern role models can provide insight into uncovering what truly drives us. Youth empowerment is possible only when we are able to utilise all the resources that are available to us.

Continuous learning and adapting

Interestingly, while discovering our true passion or working towards it, we may find that its a journey that changes with time. It’s not a fixed path, but something that evolves. So, stay open to learning and adapting. We can explore new interests, improve our skills and be ready for opportunities that match our passions and dreams if we stay flexible. A growth mindset helps us to be adaptable and excited about the places our journey takes us to.

We find that discovering our true passion requires patience, introspection and a willingness to explore. Amidst the distractions of modern life, cutting the chaos, carving out moments of stillness, embracing curiosity and aligning our passion with purpose can transform us into empowered youth—with invaluable skills to lead happy and fulfilling lives.


How can distractions affect our ability to discover our true passion?

Distractions like social media and working round the clock can make it hard for us to identify our interests and passions.

What are some practical steps to minimise distractions and focus on passion discovery?

Creating moments of solitude, reducing screen time and engaging in mindfulness practices such as meditation can help create abundant space for clarity.

How does exploring new interests help in discovering one's true passion?

Trying out new activities and hobbies expose us to new experiences, helping us understand what makes us excited and motivated. Its an ever-evolving process.

Is it ever too late to discover and pursue one's true passion?

The journey to discovering one’s passion is ongoing and can evolve over a lifetime. It is never too late to pursue one’s true passion.




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