How to overcome the fear of not being good enough

Sensing her distress, Shiva approached Sati with a warm smile and a reassuring presence. He had always been a pillar of support, someone who believed in Sati's capabilities even when she thought ‘I am not good enough’.

Sati had always been a diligent and hardworking employee at her office. She was proud of her accomplishments and took great joy in tackling new challenges. However, on this particular day, her boss called her into his cabin and said, “Sati, you have failed to meet our expectations, I did not expect this from you. We need someone who can handle important tasks without making mistakes!” Her heart sank as his words pierced through her fragile confidence. She felt a surge of humiliation and a deepening sense of not being good enough.

As the morning sun filtered through the office windows, Sati sat at her desk, feeling a knot of anxiety form in her stomach. The task at hand seemed insurmountable and a nagging voice whispered in her ear, “maybe I am not good enough for this work”. Doubts clouded her thoughts and she questioned her ability to deliver the desired outcome.

Just as Sati was sinking deeper into her sea of uncertainty, her friend Shiva, who sat in the adjacent cubicle, noticed her unease. Sensing her distress, Shiva approached Sati with a warm smile and a reassuring presence. He had always been a pillar of support, someone who believed in Sati’s capabilities even when she doubted herself. Throughout their friendship which formed on the first day Sati joined the office, Shiva had been there to lift her spirits and remind her of her strength in times of self-doubt.

Today, Shiva gently reminded Sati of the countless triumphs she had achieved in the past, highlighting her strengths and reminding her of her unwavering determination. He recalled when they were working on a challenging international project together, and Sati’s exceptional problem-solving skills saved the day. He praised her ability to stay calm under pressure and make quick, effective decisions. Shiva also reminded her of the time when she took charge of a difficult situation, displaying leadership and creativity that saved the day.  Shiva’s words were like a lifeline, pulling Sati out of her fear.

Emboldened by Shiva’s unwavering faith in her abilities, Sati took a deep breath and faced the daunting task head-on. Sati approached the daunting task with a methodical strategy. Instead of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge, she broke it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. This allowed her to focus on one step at a time, giving her a sense of progress and accomplishment as she completed each phase. She embraced the mindset that mistakes were stepping stones to growth. Whenever doubt resurfaced, she had a tete a tete with Shiva, her pillar of support.

As the day drew to a close, Sati emerged victorious. The task that had initially seemed impossible to complete had been conquered and a sense of accomplishment washed over her. She realised that her fear of not being good enough had been nothing more than a temporary obstacle and her abilities far surpassed the limitations she had imposed on herself.

Sati’s journey through the day had been a powerful lesson in overcoming self-doubt and embracing support from those who believed in her. She learned that it was okay to lean on others during moments of uncertainty and that the strength of friendship could help her rise above any challenge.

From that day forward, Sati carried Shiva’s unwavering belief in her abilities as a reminder that she was indeed good enough. She embraced each new challenge with renewed confidence, knowing that fear was merely a temporary pit stop.




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