7 Effective Strategies to Overcome Creative Blocks

Experiencing a creative block? Try these 7 effective ways to beat it

Whether you're an artist, writer, designer or someone looking to add a bit of innovation to your work, overcoming that dreaded creative block is essential.

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at a page, screen or canvas, desperately searching for inspiration? Well, you’re not alone. Also known as a creative block, it affects many of us. It hinders our ability to generate new ideas and ruins our creativity. Whether you’re an artist, writer, designer or someone looking to add innovation to your work, overcoming the dreaded creative block is essential.

One cannot stress enough on the importance of creativity. Understanding this well, the United Nations has designated April 21st as World Creativity and Innovation Day. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of creativity and innovation in meeting human development goals worldwide. It reminds us that everyone has the potential to contribute to the economic strength of a nation with respect to the UN’s SDGs, through creative and innovative solutions. We can all do so regardless of our backgrounds or professions.

Indeed, promoting creativity and innovation can lead to improved problem-solving skills, increased productivity and learning, especially among women and the youth. So let us explore effective strategies together to get those creative juices flowing.

Understanding creative block

Diagnosing a problem is the first step to fixing it, so knowing what’s causing your creative block is extremely important. Before jumping into solutions, take a moment to understand what’s putting the brakes on your creative flow. Sometimes, it’s stress. Maybe you are feeling overworked or tired. Or it could be the fear of messing up or aiming for perfection that keeps you stuck. Understanding the cause of your creative block makes finding the solution for it easier.

Embrace mindfulness and meditation

Embracing mindfulness and meditation is like giving your overworked brain some time off to recharge. When you’re constantly juggling tasks and thoughts, your mind can get cluttered, making it hard to think clearly and come up with fresh ideas. You can reset your grey cells by dedicating just a few minutes each day to mindfulness and meditation. Practising meditation helps humans get better understanding of what’s going on in their minds and makes it easier for them to come up with creative ideas.

Engage in physical activity

Have you noticed how a walk or a good run makes you feel refreshed? Exercising is a magical way to boost your energy and lift your spirits. Engaging in physical activities such as brisk walking, doing yoga or hitting the gym can do truly wonders for your creativity. When you exercise, it pumps more blood to your brain and releases feel-good hormones called endorphins that are known to reduce stress levels. This further helps break through any creative block you are experiencing.

Explore new surroundings

Many of us found ourselves working from home during the pandemic,  struggling to separate our professional and personal lives. Sitting at our dining tables, surrounded by family, it often became challenging to focus and be productive. But with time, we found what works best for us. On a similar vein, a simple change of scenery can sometimes work wonders for our creativity. Exploring new surroundings, whether it’s a park or moving to a different room in our house, can offer fresh perspectives and ignite brand new creativity.

Practice free writing or sketching

Art has a wonderful way of calming our minds and boosting creativity. Engaging in free writing or sketching can be a fantastic way to stop the mind from chattering or cluttering—allowing  your ideas to flow. So set aside 10-15 minutes everyday and jot down or sketch, whatever comes to mind. This exercise can help you connect with your creativity slowly but surely. As the days pass, tons of new ideas will be yours.

Collaborate and seek feedback

Feedback in our work is essential because it serves as a guiding light and helps us enhance our creativity and better our work. By collaborating with others and seeking feedback, we can get that valuable insight into our work that we often miss. So learn to share your ideas with trusted friends, colleagues or mentors and allow them to provide you with fresh perspectives. This habit will go a long way in overcoming your creative blocks from time to time.

Create a creative routine

Establishing a disciplined or regular creative routine means setting aside some time each day or week to do creative stuff. It could be any time that suits you, like in the mornings or before bedtime. Now, explore your creative side at this chosen time regularly to get into the groove easily, making it simpler to come up with new ideas as time passes. It’s really simple, all you have to do is find a time that works for you and stick to it to boost your creativity.

Embrace failure as a learning opportunity

It’s okay to make mistakes; everyone makes them. But instead of feeling down about it, see it as a chance to learn and grow. Making mistakes can help you come up with better ideas in the future. So don’t be afraid to take creative risks or try new things. Embracing failure as a learning opportunity can help you overcome fear towards your potential and replace it with motivation and courage instead.

Facing a creative block is a common challenge we all face from time to time, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent roadblock. By understanding the causes behind that creative block and implementing these effective strategies, we can unlock our creative potential. So the next time we find ourselves stuck in a rut, remembering these tips will get our creative juices flowing.


What is World Creativity and Innovation Day?

The United Nations has designated April 21st as World Creativity and Innovation Day. It aims to encourage people to embrace creativity and innovation for unlocking economic potential of their countries.

How can I celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day?

You can celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day by engaging in creative activities, brainstorming new ideas and by teaching or sharing innovative solutions.

What are the benefits of promoting creativity and innovation?

Promoting creativity and innovation can lead to improved problem-solving skills, increased productivity and learning, especially among women and the youth.

How can I encourage creativity in my daily life?

You can enhance creativity in your daily life by setting aside time for creative activities, exploring new hobbies and surrounding yourself with inspiring people.




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