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How moving back in with my parents made me more productive


When I moved back in with my parents a few months ago, I didn’t expect my life will go through a major overhaul. Like many other working professionals, I also went back home amid the pandemic-induced remote working lifestyle. That was a big decision for me, as I had lived independently for the last years. Moving back in with my parents wasn’t a part of my plan. I had thought that as a 21st century ‘woke’ adult, I am supposed to live by myself and not with my parents. But when work-from-home came into the picture, I felt moving back with my parents won’t be such a bad thing. After all, I could save up on rent, food and other expenditures.

When I reached home, I was certain I would easily settle in. It was the house where I grew up, so what could go wrong? But I was in for a surprise. Having lived independently for a long period, I found it tough to adjust to the rhythm of life followed by my family. Back when I was living alone, I was used to staying up till the wee hours and getting up late in the mornings. I used to regularly hang out with my friends till late evenings without a care in the world. I didn’t care much about keeping my space uncluttered and making the bed was the least of my concerns.

Slowly, all these things changed when I started living with my parents. I understood early on that I have to adjust to their ways of living and not the other way around. The ‘my home, my rules’ concept no longer existed. My parents had a set routine and it was unfair of me to expect them to change that. Sleeping past midnight and bingeing on my favourite shows wasn’t an option anymore. My parents would start their day early, and I had to follow suit.

I eventually settled into their routine. I started sleeping early, returned home by seven in the evening, and kept my room neat. Yes, I made my bed every day—something my old self would have never done. After a few months, I noticed I became more disciplined and organised, which helped me plan my day better. And as a result, my productivity at work increased significantly. Here, I have listed down a few positive changes that I experienced while living with my parents.

Became an early bird

After a few weeks of struggle, I was finally able to wake up early. This lifestyle tweak brought about a massive change in my life. Ever since I became an early bird, I had more time in the day, which I could utilise holistically. I started going out with my parents for morning walks. Not only did the habit improve my health, but I felt rejuvenated. I was able to clear my mind and experienced immense creative inspiration, which helped me come up with new ideas at work. This study, which delves into the benefits of outdoor walking, backs the observation. It says “walking opens up the free flow of ideas and it is a simple and robust solution to the goals of increasing creativity and increasing physical activity.” This small change produced big results in my life.

Developed a healthy routine

Waking up early had another major benefit. Now I had plenty of time to plan my day better, establish my priorities, and reduce procrastination. I also had ample time to exercise, eat my breakfast on time, and focus on my physical and mental wellbeing. Ever since I started performing these activities daily, I no longer had a haphazard schedule like in the past. I was in full control of my day and I could handle each task efficiently and timely.

Observed the benefits of keeping my room tidy

Until a few months ago, making my bed and keeping my room clean and organised was never on my priority list. I would seldom focus on decluttering the space and all my belongings would lie around in a messy state. But living with my parents made me realise the health benefits of keeping my room clean. I observed how my mother would keep the house spick and span every day without fail. When I started making my bed and cleaning my room, I began to sleep better. A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that “bed-makers were 19% more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep on most days.” Now, there was no more reason for me to keep my bedroom in disarray.

Started taking more responsibility

Living with my parents meant I had to take on more responsibilities and help them out with the daily chores. From taking out the garbage to buying groceries for the family and lending a helping hand in the kitchen, I had to squeeze in a lot more to my daily schedule besides work. Earlier, I’d perform some of these activities just for myself and I admit that I would be quite lazy to even do those. Not anymore, though. At times, many of these chores would get overwhelming. But once I started planning my day accordingly to include some of these tasks, I was able to manage my time a lot better. I allotted a time frame for each task and made sure that I would finish them as per the priorities. Instead of fretting over responsibilities, I became a far more organised person than before.




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