Redefining relationship in quarantine

Quarantine diaries: How these couples are reinventing their relationships

While some relationships couldn't stand the test of time during the lockdown, there are enduring stories of many couples that have grown closer than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything it touched. From the way we work to the way we live, nothing is the same anymore. Even the strongest of relationships have crumbled in the face of the pandemic when the lockdown was instituted a few months ago.

No one saw it coming, especially the couples blinded by love. At first, getting ‘locked’ with your loved one didn’t seem like a bad idea. But seeing the same face, same habits, same fights created a gap for some couples that eventually became too large to close. Domestic violence, online divorce queries, therapist consultations—the numbers began to flood at an unprecedented rate.

This being said, not all is bad in the world of love and affection. While some relationships couldn’t stand the test of time, there are stories where couples have grown closer than ever. Struck by the cupid’s arrow, people are exchanging vows on a Zoom call; spouses are finding new and exciting things about each other; support and care have become the new foundation. Some of these people shared their stories with Soulveda, revealing what is keeping their relationships strong and stable.

Sharing the chores

During the quarantine, men are realising that the household chores are not as easy as they look. This awareness has become an impetus for many to support their partners in household chores. Madhusudhan is one such man who is supporting his wife through his love for cooking.

“My husband is in charge of the kitchen. He has become an experimental chef these days and tries to make something new every now and then. He makes delicious food, sometimes even better than me,” says Lakshmi, Madhusudhan’s wife.

Making every moment count

Couples are seeing the lockdown as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make up for the lost time. Creating new memories, reigniting the romance, doing the chores together, couples are giving their relationships a new makeover.

“We are cherishing every moment as a couple. It’s difficult to say when we will get a chance again to spend so much time together. So we are making every moment count in our busy lives,” Kartik Vashi, talking about his wife Priyal Vashi.

Finding strength in support and care

You know you are the fortunate one when you have a compassionate partner who supports you through thick and thin. In the end, it is this support that makes the bond unbreakable between two people.

“My husband is very considerate and supportive of my work that I never feel exhausted by the end of the day. He has always got my back and I can depend on him for the extra help. In fact, I have noticed that he is a quick learner and has learned many things around the house he did not know before!” says Priyal Vashi about her husband, Kartik Vashi.

An opportunity before tying the knot

Spending time together before the wedding bells is the perfect start of a long journey. Many couples around the world have found new depth in their relationships while staying together in isolation.

“We had never spent so much time around each other together, but this time has only brought us closer. For us, surviving the pandemic together means being prepared for any problem that comes our way after our marriage,” says Soumi Chakraborty who is in a live-in relationship.

Fathers becoming mothers

Handling a toddler while working from home can wear you off easily. But, with a caring and supportive husband in your corner, every challenge is achievable.

“We recently became parents, and the toddler has brought us closer as a couple. My husband handles the baby to keep my hands free while I work. He spends quite a lot of time with our son, and never misses out on anything. They share a strong bond already,” shares Apoorva Gowda about her husband Kiran Gowda.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Sometimes, distance makes you recognise what closeness could not. Things we take for granted, fighting over small things, sulking for long hours—can cripple a relationship. When you are away from your loved one, you realise how delicate a relationship can be, just like life.

“I moved cities to be with my partner. However, due to unforeseen circumstances both of us are locked in different cities. Sometimes, it gets progressively harder to stay away. In those moments, I force myself to do something that could keep my spirits high. We missed the opportunity to spend time together, but I am sure when we meet again, it will be a whole new journey,” Sonia Malakar talking about her partner.


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